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  • Wahl Clipper Oil 113ml

Wahl Clipper Oil 113ml

by Wahl

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Wahl Clipper Oil 113ml


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Product Description

Wahl hair clipper oil is specially formulated to take full advantage of Wahl hair clippers and trimmers. Use it regularly, it will help extend the life of your Wahl blade and maintain its cutting accuracy.

Product Features

  • Easy dispense bottle
  • Enlongates clipper/trimmer life
  • Maintains cutting accuracy


How To Use

In order to ensure that you get the life and performance out of your clipper or trimmer, WAHL recommends regular oiling. 

Clippers should be oiled with Wahl Clipper oil after each use.

"I oil my blades at the start of every day, and on busy days, I’ll oil them 2-3 more times when they’re heavily used. At the end of the day, after I’ve cleaned the clippers, I oil the top and side of the blades to allow the oil to properly soak in overnight. Oiling regularly helps to keep the blades at optimum sharpness, so you won’t need to replace your blades so often." - Sam Campagna, Wahl Artistic Team

Product Ingredients

White Mineral Oil


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