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Introducing Shampooheads, the brand offering innovative, kid-friendly hair solutions endorsed by the UK's leading childcare expert, Dr. Miriam Stoppard OBE. We curate products that prioritise your child's hair health without compromising on fun. Step into a world of invigorating freshness with the Shampooheads Blueberry Burst Duo Pack. Our dermatologically tested shampoo, infused with watermint extracts, delivers a rejuvenating burst of energy to your little one's scalp. This paraben-free formula nourishes your child's locks, promoting hair growth while maintaining softness and lustrous shine. Lock in your child's unique style with the Shampooheads Blueberry Burst Strong Hold Gel. This versatile gel, ideal for use on both wet and dry hair, offers a stronghold to keep your child's hairstyle in place. Imbued with watermint extracts, it imparts a refreshing feel to the hair, making styling an enjoyable experience. Unleash the joy of hair care with Shampooheads. Let's make every hair wash a delightful adventure!