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Step into the world of Corioliss, where we, Salon Trusted, are the leading hairdressing supply wholesaler providing your hair with nothing but the best. Introducing our lineup of distinguished products, featuring tools from our trailblazing Corioliss Style Stick to our multi-faceted straighteners and curling wands. The Corioliss Style Stick, a preferred choice in professional salons, makes the creation of glamorous skinny curls a breeze. Its user-friendly handle and professional-grade swivel cord promise a seamless styling experience. Explore the Corioliss Bundle, which includes a Pink Pro Variable Iron, Mini Straightening Hot Brush, and an aesthetic Gym Bag. This package is specially crafted for the dynamic individual who refuses to negotiate style for convenience. Why choose Corioliss? Corioliss is known to get you prepped for every event. Our tools distribute heat evenly, assuring minimal damage to your hair. Furthermore, our extensive range of styling products enables you to achieve any look - be it slick straight hair or vivacious curls - effortlessly. If you're looking for a reliable gift or want to upgrade your hair styling equipment, consider Corioliss. Start improving your hairstyling skills today with Corioliss, a trusted brand in the industry.