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Gamma Piu

Revolutionising the realm of professional hair care with its superior Italian craftsmanship, Gamma Piu delivers high-quality, innovative hair tools that ensure stunning results, all at competitive prices. At SalonTrusted, explore our Gamma Piu assortment. The Gamma Piu Blade Floss Blade and Tools Medical Grade Sanitiser 100ml is a biocidal concentrate that extends blade lifespan, wiping away hair, debris, and effectively combating common pathogens. Meet the Gamma Piu Korner Curling Bar - Rainbow, a distinctive styling tool that effortlessly surpasses traditional wands. Its unique inverted conical shape guarantees voluminous curls at the roots and softer waves at the ends. With an anti-static finish to combat frizz and a style hold up to 50% longer, it's your ultimate year-round hair styling solution. Choose Gamma Piu, and enjoy salon-quality results in the comfort of your home today.