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Hailing from Italy, Fanola is a pioneer in professional hair care, crafting products that align with the latest trends and address the diverse needs of hairstylists worldwide. Discover our premium Fanola collection at SalonTrusted, designed specifically for the style-conscious and social-media savvy. Introducing the Fanola Wonder No Yellow Shampoo Extra Care 350ml. Environmental factors can degrade the brilliance of blonde hair over time, but Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo effectively neutralises these undesired yellow tones. Enriched with Extra Violet Pigment, this formula adds softness and shine to blonde, bleached, or grey hair, leaving it vibrant and luminous. Meet the Fanola No Orange Shampoo 350ml, a groundbreaking colour-correcting formula. With deep blue pigments, it revitalises blonde, brunette, and grey streaks in just three washes, making colour-treated hair brighter and more vibrant. Ideal for all hair types, this shampoo tones down unwanted yellow hues, ensuring consistent and neutralised hair colour. Choose Fanola at SalonTrusted, the embodiment of Italian elegance, for professional hair care that keeps you on-trend.