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Leyton House

Leyton House, a premium hair care brand from Australia, has earned global recognition for its superior quality hair colour products and comprehensive range of styling and care solutions. Available in salons and beauty supply stores worldwide, Leyton House products are easily accessible to customers everywhere. One of their flagship products is the Leyton House Rhassoul 6 in 1 All Purpose Leave in Treatment Spray 350ml. This multi-functional cream spray revitalises hair in six unique ways: it boosts volume, acts as a porosity filler, provides leave-in moisture treatment, safeguards against thermal heat, minimises colour fade, and aids in detangling and repairing hair. It serves as an all-in-one solution, ensuring healthy and radiant hair, and is available at SalonTrusted. The Rhassoul Colour Care Moisturising Conditioner 400ml is another star product from Leyton House. Specifically formulated for colour-treated, dry, porous, and damaged hair, this conditioner incorporates Rhassoul mineral clay and Olive Oil extracts. It hydrates hair deeply without causing oiliness and effectively prevents moisture loss, resulting in soft, silky, and supple hair. Get your hands on this all-in-one hair care solution at SalonTrusted today.