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About Us

Your local salon provides a great service but yet more and more clients are choosing to purchase their recommended aftercare online. This results in lost revenue for the salon which results ultimately in reduced stock holdings and less choice for the clients. Many clients also feel guilty for buying their products elsewhere knowing Salons are losing out on a valuable source of income for their business.

salontrusted.com is a family run affiliate e-commerce website which was created so that Salon clients can still support their local salon even when purchasing their favourite products online - in other words, Salon Trusted supports local salons by hosting an online shop on their behalf. On checkout customers can enter a Salon Trusted Code associated with their local salon and a commission is then paid to the salon on products purchased. It's a win/win situation as clients receive their recommended products quickly at a competitive price and the Salon gets a commission for these sales.

salontrusted.com is hosted by Synergy Salon Supplies who have been supplying and supporting professional salons for 30 years. As a result salontrusted.com only stock and promote professional products from authorised supply channels so you can be assured you are getting the real thing.

If you do not have a Salon Trusted Code for your local salon, ask them to join Salon Trusted as an affiliate and let them be rewarded for the great service they provide you.