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Transforming the realm of hair and beauty care with groundbreaking formulas and unparalleled results, Tricogen is redefining your hair care regimen. Our products are trusted by countless professionals worldwide, providing a reliable foundation for robust, radiant locks and the key to attaining salon-standard hair at home. Our Tricogen collection boasts a wide array of cruelty-free solutions designed to cater to every hair type. Whether your hair is subjected to chemical treatment, colouring or has simply suffered from excessive styling and neglect, Tricogen offers an array of professional-grade products. The Extra Strength Hand Sanitising Cleansing Gel offers top-notch hygiene protection, while the Zero Yellow Leave-In Blonde Toning Equaliser Spray restores vibrancy and balance to your tresses. With Tricogen, repair, rejuvenation, and radiance for your hair is just a product away. Trust in Tricogen - your hair's ultimate ally.