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Wella Professional

Step into a world of transformative haircare with our Wella Professionals range, presented by your trusted UK Hair Salon Distributor. Our collection is curated to empower you with salon-grade results from the comfort of your home. Ignite a spark with the Wella Professional Color Fresh Semi-Permanent Colour Mask. This colour-depositing mask, enriched with argan oil, will add a vibrant red hue to your hair, revitalising your look within just 10 minutes. The absence of silicones or animal-derived ingredients ensures your hair feels smooth and moisturised. For those seeking stronger hair structure, shine, and manageability, the Wella Color Motion Structure+ Mask is your ally. This professional restructuring salon treatment features a bond structuring agent from WellaPlex, offering up to 8 weeks of colour protection. Lastly, our Wella Invigo Balance Clean Scalp Shampoo effectively combats dandruff and hair damage. It removes impurities and soothes the scalp, resulting in soft, shiny and fresh locks. Explore our Wella Professionals selection here and transform your hair care routine today.