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Framar, a renowned name in the hair care industry, specialises in providing high-quality tools and accessories, including foils, brushes, and capes. The brand enjoys patronage from professional hairstylists globally and extends its wide range of offerings to consumers through its website and selected retail outlets. A product of note is the Framar Y2K Glitter Detangle Brush Lindsay - Blue. This detangle brush, with its striking blue glitter design, effectively untangles hair, ensuring minimal damage and breakage. The Limited Edition Framar Mercury in Retrograde Gator Clips is another notable product. Available in a pack of four, these lightweight clips with a matte finish hold large sections of hair effortlessly. Their non-slip design ensures ease of use, making them a reliable tool in hair management. Framar products aim to combine practical functionality with simple elegance. Experience the synergy of quality and innovation in hair care with Framar; explore our range today for an unparalleled hair care journey.