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Welcome to the Glamtech experience, where innovation meets style. As your trusted UK Hair Salon Distributor, SalonTrusted brings to you a new horizon of hair styling and care with Glamtech's advanced product line. Introducing the Dark Stag Styling Powder Matte Finish, a precise and easy-to-use solution for amplified volume and style. Its perfect particle size prevents clumping and allows for medium to firm hold with natural and reworkable results. Unscented and water-soluble, it offers a hassle-free wash-out experience. Next in line is the Dark Stag Matte Clay Firm Hold, a product that guarantees a firm and adaptable hold without any shine. It allows for restyling throughout the day, thus maintaining your desired look. Adding texture and definition, it is coconut-scented and washes out with ease. With Glamtech's Dark Stag range, redefine your styling experience today for a look that's lasting, adaptable and effortlessly chic.