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Tangle Teezer

Introducing Tangle Teezer, a distinguished range of hair brushes established in 2003, designed with the sole purpose of effortlessly detangling hair, eliminating tugging and pulling. Our secret is in our patented teeth technology, an exclusive feature that assures optimum results. Among our range, the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Detangler stands out. This 'Lilac Cloud and Blue' brush is not just aesthetically pleasing but highly functional, especially on wet hair. Its patented two-tiered teeth gently detangle vulnerable, shower-fresh hair, reducing breakage. The long teeth detangle, and the short teeth smooth the hair, which is ideal for distributing conditioning treatments evenly. Our innovative Easy Dry & Go Jet Black Vented Blow Dry Brush is a game-changer. This vented brush allows a fast and easy blow-dry with the help of our patented teeth technology. The teeth and vent collaborate to deliver a fuss-free, frizz-free style that's tailored to you. It effortlessly draws away excess water, ensuring a speedy blow-dry and leaving hair with a natural body and shine. Choose Tangle Teezer for hair care that aligns with your lifestyle, delivering individualised styling with ease and efficiency.