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John Gillespie

John Gillespie, known for natural, gentle hair care solutions, also offers a standout tool designed by Gillespie himself, a legend in hairdressing and finalist for Scottish Hairdresser of the Year: the Arconic Curved Paddle Brush. This brush, ideal for medium to long hairstyles, detangles hair effortlessly and helps manage frizz, mimicking salon-quality styles at home. Its larger surface area allows quick and easy hair brushing, reducing styling time. Combined with its static-inducing material, the brush can transform even wavy or curly patterns into smoother, tamed hair. An ergonomic handle ensures comfort and control, reducing strain on the arms and chances of hair breakage. This design makes it an invaluable asset for those with sensitive scalps or hair-thinning issues. The Arconic Curved Paddle Brush, made from 100% glass-filled nylon, is durable, reliable, and effective, promising a salon-like voluminous look right at home. Enhance your hair care regime with this tool, available at SalonTrusted.