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Originating in Spain, Termix is a professional hair styling tools brand born out of the ambition of hair stylist Enrique Ten. Ten aspired to create high-quality, easy-to-use tools that would be affordable for professional hair stylists, a goal he achieved with Termix. The Termix Evolution Basic Brush 60mm, part of Termix's innovative range, caters to medium and normal-strength hair. It features high-performance, ionised bristles and a diamond-vented system, which reduces drying time by 30%. While the Termix Evolution Soft Brush 12mm is designed for delicate and thinning hair, it has thin ionised nylon bristles, microfilaments for a good grip, a temperature-resistant coating, and uses a diamond-vented system for faster drying and easier styling. Transform your hair styling process with these professional-grade tools today!