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Standing at the forefront of temporary hair colour innovation is Colorsmash Hair Shadow, redefining the hair and beauty industry with its vibrant, damage-free hues. At SalonTrusted, we offer the Colorsmash Color Kissed Teal Hairspray 130ml and Colorsmash Color Kissed Violet Hairspray 130ml, two temporary spray-on colour treatments for those seeking an adventurous change. Both sprays provide a vivid, translucent touch of colour, maintaining lustrous, nourished, and healthy hair throughout the day. Wash out easily in 2-3 washes; these nutrient-rich formulas deliver uniform colour with zero damage. The colours from these sprays envelope hair without permeating the cuticles, a testament to their smoothing and nourishing attributes. Enriched with plant extracts, including aloe vera, quinoa, grapeseed, marigold, sunflower seeds, and avocado, these sprays leave your hair soft and shiny without dryness or stiffness. Play with temporary balayage, ombre, or highlights without needing bleach. Create immense depth and dimension in your locks while locking in moisture, all achievable with Colorsmash's salon-inspired products.