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  • Gamma Piu Black 3500 Tourmalionic Dryer

Gamma Piu Black 3500 Tourmalionic Dryer

by Gamma Piu

RRP: £106.65 / Salon Trusted Price: £87.99

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Gamma Piu Black 3500 Tourmalionic Dryer


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Product Description

Gamma Piu 3500 Tormalionic Hair Dryer, Black - Blow Drying Device, Tourmaline Plates Hair Dryer, Power Motor Hair Dryer

Promising salon standard results, Gamma Piu Hair Dryer is fully loaded with appreciable features for both efficient heating and speeding. Created with iconic Italian technology, this hair styling product never fails to give you a complete control. This is a salon hair dryer crafted for professional hair dressers, working at a hurricane of drying force. With multiple heat and temperature settings, this blow dryer has become one of those Avant-grade products that you will come across in the busy barbers’ shop.

Shape and Style the Hair with Gamma Piu Hair Dryer

Gamma Piu Professional Hair Styler allows you to have a plenty of control with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. You can change the settings from the switches on the handle, making hair styling easier for you. The cold shot button of the hair styler is in the trigger position that helps to hold your style in place, offering a softer, sleeker and frizz-free result. The best part about using this blow-drying equipment is that it does not make any noise, thus reduces acoustic stress. The Italian technology used to craft this hair styling tool makes it an advances product, a must have for every professional hair dresser.  

Tourmalionic Hair Dryer: Designed to Provide a Satisfying Styling Experience

The ergonomically designed hair drying device works on a whopping 2500 W power that generates a drying force of 126 m³ per hour of air flow, making hair styling quicker than you thought. The compact size, lightweight and a long cord are some impressive features of this Gamma Piu Styler. The tourmaline grill in the nose of blow dryer machine helps to ionize the hot air that passes through the grill, filling it with negative ions that in turn generate shine and condition in the hair as they wash over it. From celeb stylists to fashion week hair dressers, Gamma Piu Dryers have earned their space in the kits.

Product Features

  • Iconic Italian technology
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • Cold shot
  • No noise
  • 2500W

How To Use

Set the Gamma Piu 3500 Tourmalionic Hair Dryer at the heat setting you prefer. Use the blow dryer to just soak up the water from wet hair or try and experiment different hairstyles. You can use an effective hairspray at the end to secure your hairdo for a brushable hold.

Product Ingredients


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