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  • The Edge Foil Nail Wrap 100Pcs

The Edge Foil Nail Wrap 100Pcs

by The Edge Nails

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The Edge Foil Nail Wrap 100Pcs


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Product Description

Pack of 100 easy to use foils with pads great for removing soak-off gels and acrylics. These wraps are big enough that they can be used on fingernails and toenails.

Product Features

Pack of 100.

How To Use

How to remove gel polish:

Step 1 : Use nail file to rough up surface of gel to allow soak off solution to work

Step 2: Take a piece of foil, fully saturating with acetone and place the nail on the sponge.

Step 3: Carefully wrap the foil around the nail to keep heat within the foil and to avoid the product evaporating

Keep on fingers for 10 minutes. Re-saturate and repeat the process if necessary

Step 4: Use manicure stick to peel off loosened gel polish

Step 5: Use cuticle oil to feed and nourish nail bed

Product Ingredients


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