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  • Tangle Teezer Original - Strawberry Passion

Tangle Teezer Original - Strawberry Passion

by Tangle Teezer

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Tangle Teezer Original - Strawberry Passion


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Product Description

BRAND NEW! Tangle Teezer Original - Strawberry Passion

Preventing those fine hair from tangling, the hairbrush leaves you with smooth and fine-finished tresses. The soft and flexible bristles of this detangling hairbrush do not snag or pull off hair, thus making the detangling sessions easy and less painful. Gliding gently through her hair, this glitter brush effectively removes those tedious hair knots while preventing breakage.

Block Colour Hair Brush 

This ergonomic hand-held brush promises to slide through wet hair with no pulling, tugging, or yanking. The magical brush is uniquely designed with the built-in potential to convince reluctant kids to give it a try. Bright, colourful, fun and easy, the detangling brush has a lovely pastel mint and violet colour, a must-have to add into your everyday routine!

Product Features

  • Specifically designed for Normal hair types!
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detangling brush
  • Also available in Pink Fizz, Panther Black and Sweet Lilac

How To Use

Divide your hair into uniform sections and start brushing alternatively. Comb through the entire length from roots to ends. Repeat the same for each section. Be gentle to the tangled strands as the hairbrush solves the knots. Do not brush hard on the scalp as it can stress up your hair follicles.


Tangle Teezer hairbrushes are made from Polypropylene, Dupont Hytrel and ABS. They do not contain latex or dyes. Tangle Teezer hairbrushes can be recycled.


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