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  • Selective All In One Multi-Treatment Shampoo 250ml

Selective All In One Multi-Treatment Shampoo 250ml

by Selective Professional

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Selective All In One Multi-Treatment Shampoo 250ml


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Product Description

Multi-treatment shampoo for scalp and hair. Ideal for all hair types.

All In One, a multi-treatment shampoo for scalp and hair, with deep hydrating properties, which includes 15 different benefits in a single spray:

    1. It gently cleanses both hair and scalp
    2. It nourishes the hair in depth
    3. It enhances the hair volume
    4. It moisturizes both the hair and scalp
    5. It smoothens damaged hair
    6. It conditions the hair without weighing down
    7. It detangles the hair and facilitates combing
    8. It eliminates frizz
    9. It makes the hair more elastic
    10. It respects the scalp natural balance
    11. It leaves the hair shiny and healthy
    12. It sanitizes the scalp
    13. It makes the hair fiber strong and full
    14. It makes the scalp cool and soothe
    15. It makes the colour last longer

Product Features

EXTRACT OF MORINGA: Rich in oils and proteins, it has strengthening, conditioning and protective properties.

SILK PROTEINS: with hydrating, filming and conditioning properties.

PANTHENOL: penetrates into the hair fibres, maintaining it flexible and full-bodied.

MEADOWQUAT: it improves combing and makes the hair softer and more manageable, while strengthening the hair fibre.

How To Use

Distribute on damp hair and massage it. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse. 

Product Ingredients


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