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  • Oil Wonders Volume Rose Gift Trio - Oil

Oil Wonders Volume Rose Gift Trio - Oil

by Matrix

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Oil Wonders Volume Rose Gift Trio - Oil


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Product Description

Oil Wonders Volume Rose Trio Set!

Volume Rose Shampoo

Expect a healthy hair nourishment from a simple wash using this Oil-Wonders Volume Rose Shampoo. Infused with delicate Rose Hip Oil, the volumising shampoo conditions your hair from within. The Rose Hip Oil, being an excellent source of essential fatty acids acts as an aid to repair and renew your damaged hair follicles and scalp tissues to promote healthy hair growth. The shampoo maintains a soothing scent and promises to deliver prodigious volume to your hair.

Volume Rose Conditioner

A perfect addition to your daily hair care routine, this revitalising conditioner acts as a nourishing agent to invigorate tired tresses. The non-greasy conditioning cream gently relieves your hair from knots and tangles, freeing from the dry, stiff mess. The hair care conditioner with its advanced creamy formulation will not make your scalp oily but will act as a safety shield to protect your tresses from further heat damage.

Volume Rose Pre-Shampoo Oil

Treat your crown with the transformative powers of this effective oil blend! This pre-shampoo oil with its deep nourishing formula works to strengthen and regenerate strands from roots to tips. Enriched with the finest rose hip oil, the luxurious treatment delivers a floral, musky fragrance, whilst adding volume to fine hair types without any extra weight. You will notice your tresses feeling soft and smooth with an uplifting thickness and fullness.

Product Features

Contents: 1x Shampoo, 1x Conditioner, 1x Pre-Shampoo Oil

Volume Rose Shampoo - Silicone free, infused with elegant rose hip oil; primes hair by delicately cleansing and removing buildup, leaving hair feeling soft and shiny

Volume Rose Conditioner -  Silicone free, infused with elegant rose hip oil; nourishes leaving hair feeling petal soft

Volume Rose Pre-Shampoo Oil - Strengthens and nourishes hair fibers from root to tip, only adhering to the damaged parts to ensure hair feels lightweight while adding volume 

How To Use

Volume Rose Oil

Take 1 pump of this nourishing oil and emulsify in your hands. Apply to mid lengths and end using next to little on roots/scalp area. Do not rinse. Follow it with Shampoo and Conditioner.

Volume Rose Shampoo

Soak your hair completely in water. Take the needed amount of Volume Rose Shampoo and apply to your damp hair. Following with the Volume Rose Conditioner for best results.

Volume Rose Conditioner

Complement this moisturising conditioner with your everyday shampoo to get healthy, frizz-free hair. Massage this hair care product onto your damp hair and leave in for 5 to 6 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Blow it dry and style as usual.

Product Ingredients


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