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  • NOW Styling - Set Up Volumising Dry Shampoo 200ml

NOW Styling - Set Up Volumising Dry Shampoo 200ml

by Selective Professional

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NOW Styling - Set Up Volumising Dry Shampoo 200ml


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Product Description

Instant volumizing shampoo.

Ideal for easily renewing your look. Absorbs grease and odours, leaving hair fresh and clean.

Product Features

● Hair is instantly soft and full, as if it has just been washed.
● A light and easy-to-use formula for instant results and for a more natural and full-bodied effect.
● Just like a real shampoo, without the need to use water. Hair is once again shiny, as if it has just been washed, without any residue or wet-look effect

How To Use

Shake well. Spray 15-20 cm from the roots. Let it dry for a few seconds then brush through.


+ POWDER VOL: To create texture and volume.
+ MATT STYLE: For cutting-edge looks.
+ FAST CREATE: For ultra-defined and glossy movement

Product Ingredients

Rice starch: Rich in essential fatty acids, proteins and mineral salts, it leaves hair looking glossier and younger, combating ageing and giving it renewed energy and tone. It also has refreshing and absorbent properties, without compromising the level of hair hydration.
Vitamin E: Has important antioxidant and hydrating properties, protecting hair from external agents


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