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  • New Cuccio Gel Polish - Rainbow Sorbet Collection - Mint 9ml
  • New Cuccio Gel Polish - Rainbow Sorbet Collection - Mint 9ml

New Cuccio Gel Polish - Rainbow Sorbet Collection - Mint 9ml

by Cuccio

Price: £9.99

Mint Sorbet – A bright aquamarine crème

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New Cuccio Gel Polish - Rainbow Sorbet Collection - Mint 9ml


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Product Description

Cuccio Veneer Rainbow Sorbet Collection - Mint

Polish free Triple Pigmentation Nail Paint with Micro-Shatter Technology

Rainbow Sorbet Veneer from Cuccio is a collection of trending nail colours for an all-time carry-on style. This exclusive Rainbow Sorbet Collection offers true colour coverage with thin coats, promising an extended wear. Cuccio polish-free nail paints are formulated using triple pigmentation technology to ensure a long-lasting coating with minimal coats. The pigmented nail veneer by Cuccio is worth to explore if you love trying multiple styles. The wide range of colours available in the Cuccio collection can be blended with others shades for getting the perfect reflective finish and shine for the entire length of wear.

Adorn Your Nails with Next Generation UV/LED Colours

The Rainbow Sorbet Veneer nail collection is a timeless addition to your everyday styling kit, offering no-streak application. The innovative UV/LED formula of this nail veneer offers a 100% polish-free application for a high-gloss finish that lasts until you are bored. It also ensures that the nail colour applies in minutes and cures in an LED lamp within 30 seconds. Perfect replacement to your traditional dried-up nail polishes, these Dibutyl Phthalate and toluene-free nail paints are a preferred choice of many nail artists and salon professionals. With no chip formulation and quick-drying features, the Veneer nail paints offer an effortless look in seconds!

Revolutionary Micro-Shatter Technology by Cuccio Veneer

Cuccio micro-shatter technology of the Rainbow Sorbet collection provides a nail armour coating for flawless wear while preventing dulling of shades even after days of applying. Other than being resistant to evaporating, yellowing, and thickening of enamel, this advanced stabilised formula also protects your nails and help them grow longer and stronger. The patented triple pigmentation technology by Cuccio is excellently known for an effective true colour coverage with just 2 coats—beautifying your nails with the reflective mirror shine finish. The Veneer nail colour comes in ergonomically designed bottles and brush to allow maximum consumption and least wastage. All the perfect on-trend bright shades to keep you in the summer spirit— a complete range of stunning bright nail colours!

Product Features

  • Pigment that empowers
  • Triple Pigmentation Technology
  • 100% nail polish free formula
  • No evaporation, thickening, hardening or yellowing
  • Veneer micro-shatter technology
  • 8 on-trend summer shades in polish and veneer

How To Use

Perform standard nail preparation by cleaning and wiping them and then apply Cuccio Veneer Prep Treatment. Allow the nails to air-dry, apply Fuse for adhesion. Apply a very thin coat of Cuccio Veneer Nail paint to one hand. Be sure the product covers the entire nail. Cure in an LED Lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a second coat and cure for another 30 seconds. Repeat the same on the other hand. Wipe the sticky layer off the nails with Conditioning Cleanser.

Product Ingredients


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