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  • Men-U Selection Box Grooming Essentials

Men-U Selection Box Grooming Essentials

by Men-U

RRP: £38.40 / Salon Trusted Price: £24.95

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Men-U Selection Box Grooming Essentials


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Product Description

Men-U Selection Box Grooming Essentials

For all the style conscious men, Men-U Selection Box is true bliss. This is essentially an assorted men’s personal grooming kit. It includes handpicked products for the modern man. The men’s Grooming Essentials Kit comprises of various moisturizing creams, shower gels, styling gels and much more to help men achieve that swept back look. Men-U Selection Box kit for men offers versatility for different skin types and grooming preferences. Users also get the advantage of getting all the vital men’s skincare requirements addressed with a single product. The ingredients of this grooming kit are commonly seen at spas and salons for men.

Men’s Skin Needs Something Extra: Men-U Selection has all the Answers!

If you want to achieve a flawless shave and get the perfect facial at home, then these grooming products are ideal. Shave Crème buddy has a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers that provide optimum slip without making your skin dry. Men-U Facial Wash Buddy is to be used after shaving, and it provides a healthy facewash that helps to cleanse and protect the skin against issues like pigmentation spots or shaving rash. If you are following the proper shaving routine then you must not forget using the Facial Moisturizer and Matt Refresh Gel that refreshes the skin and alleviates common men’s shaving issues like redness. Regular use of the Men-U Grooming Essentials products means a healthier, well protected skin that is talcum powder soft! Men who are worried about daily shaving being harsh on their skin should try the Men-U Shaving and Facial Products that don’t only provide a good shaving experience but also ensure that the skin gets a proper exfoliation with every application.

Get Salon like Shaving Experiences & Facial Treatments at Home

Dark spots, excess of sebum and dead skin cells blocking the skin pores are some of the most common problems faced by men. This is why they need an intense skin cleansing treatment. Men-U D-Tox is a professional facial mask that cleanses and detoxifies your facial skin, leaving it more radiant. Leave the facial mask to dry for 3 to 5 minutes and for greasy skin, use more amount of the mask and leave it for a longer duration, ideally more than 3 minutes. This Men-U Selection Box kit also includes a hair styling gel – Liquifflex Buddy Gel. This styling hair pomade easily and evenly disperses in the hair, providing a strong hold without any build-up. Men-U Styling Gel is a perfect blow-drying styling product for all hair types that makes everyday hair management easier without the need to visit a salon every time you want to dress-up for a date night!

Product Features

How To Use

Wash your face with Men-U Refreshing Face Wash, keeping the nozzle in the desired direction. Once dry, take a small amount of the shaving cream on your palms, rub together well, and apply thoroughly onto your face. After you are done with shaving, you can use this moisturiser or refreshing gel to hydrate your skin. You can use the Liquifflex Styling Gel to create a desired hair style. This Men-U kit for men ensures you get the salon-like treatment at home!

Product Ingredients


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