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  • Lim Mini Travel Dryer - Beard / Hair

Lim Mini Travel Dryer - Beard / Hair

by Crewe Orlando

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Lim Mini Travel Dryer - Beard / Hair


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Product Description

specially designed for use on beard and hair.

Boasting two functions for hair and beard use, this dryer matches its temperature and airflow to suit your needs with just the click of a button.

Product Features

1x Mini travel beard and hair dryer.

How To Use

Set the hair dryer at the heat setting you prefer. Use the blow dryer to just soak up the water from your wet hair or try and experiment different hairstyles. This hairdryer is easy to use. Power it up with the supplied three-pin UK plug and you are all set to switch to different temperature controls and blow dry your tresses whether straight or curls. You can use an effective hairspray at the end to secure your hairdo for a brushable hold.

Product Ingredients


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