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Strip lashes are amongst one of the most popular beauty accessories to instantly transform your look. If you are running short of time to have an appointment with your beautician for a set of lash extensions or only need the lashes for a small amount of time then these are the perfect alternative. Within this collection is the 'Feeling Myself' Pro Strip Lashes from The Eyelash Emporium Pro. With layered, varied lengths of tapered lashes, they deliver a full yet subtly wispy finish that enhances the natural beauty of your eyes. Also in our lineup is the 'Dusk Til Dawn' Pro Strip Lashes. Designed to transition your look from evening to dawn, these lashes add a dramatic, full, glam winged effect. Ideal for deep-set, upturned, or close-set eye shapes. Whatever the desired look - natural or dramatic and bold, there is a lash for you! With the right care and application, strip lashes are a fun and easy way to switch up your look. Discover our strip lash products today.