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Italy Hair and Beauty

Immerse yourself in the luxury of Italian haircare design with our Italy Hair and Beauty collection. As one of the leading UK Hair Salon Distributor, SalonTrusted brings you the epitome of hair styling technology from this remarkable brand. The star of our collection is the Miraki Silk Fusion Digital Iron. Boasting crystal nano silk plates, this tool effortlessly glides through your hair, making every styling session a breeze while ensuring your hair remains healthy. With its sleek design, the Silk Fusion doesn't limit you to straightening alone. Its curved edges and smooth rounded body make creating perfect curls an easy feat. This straightening iron's thoughtful features, such as the cool tip, give you the ability to hold the iron safely at both ends, and its 2.5m swivel cord ensures your movements remain unrestricted. Set in an elegant champagne metallic finish, the Silk Fusion carries a sophisticated air of luxury. With temperature control ranging from 130 to 230 degrees and an automatic shut-off feature, this tool truly caters to all hair types and styling needs. Experience the superior design and functionality of our Italy Hair and Beauty range here. Elevate your hair styling regime today.