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  • Invisibobble Self Care Kit

Invisibobble Self Care Kit

by Invisibobble

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Invisibobble Self Care Kit


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Product Description

Perfect a a gift for your best friend or as a little treat for yourself, the set contains all the hair care items you need to include in a pamper night. Our best selling SPRUNCHIE Prima Ballerina comes with a satin smooth fabric in a sweet pink shade.

Product Features


Best Selling SPRUNCHIE in Prima Ballerina - satin smooth fabric in a sweet pink shade.

And six ORIGINAL hair ties - 3 in Clear and 3 in Matte Pink.

How To Use

Put on wrist of your dominant hand. Use both hands to gently pull your hair together at the back. Wrap it around with thumb and index finger to make any style whether a ponytail or a hair bow topknot.


Product Ingredients

The invisibobble® is composed of polyurethanebetter known as artificial resin. Polyurethane is particularly hygienic, since it neither absorbs dirt nor bacteria, and has a very easily cleaned surface.


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