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  • Invisibobble Power To Be Or Nude To Be
  • Invisibobble Power To Be Or Nude To Be

Invisibobble Power To Be Or Nude To Be

by Invisibobble

RRP: £5.99 / Salon Trusted Price: £5.39

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Invisibobble Power To Be Or Nude To Be


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Product Description

Invisibobble Power Hair Ties - To Be or Nude To Be

Plastic Ties for Hairstyling, Strong Grip Hair Bands for Holding Long Hair

Women often need hair styling or managing accessories when navigating busy days with almost no time to give the perfect finishing touch to their hair bun or pony tail. This is when the Invisibobble Hair Ties can prove very helpful. The regular hair ties can be nasty at times, but the Invisibobble Power Hair Tie is a bliss. This spiral hair tie trend is ruling the fashion books this season and many style savvy women have been using these plastic ties for a long time now. These hair spiral ties from Invisibobble come in clear pattern and bunch of bright colours – Black, Crystal Clear, Pretzel Brown, Pink and Nude.

Say Yes to Sleek and Tight Ponytails with these Spiral Hair Bands

Being wider and rounder than your regular hair ties, these phone cord hair ties help to perk up that pony of yours. You just need to wrap these ties a couple of times around your hair. Since these hair styling ties are not as tight as the traditional elastics, they make hair styling easier without pulling and breaking your tresses. These ponytail ties are objectively prettier and waterproof.

Invisibobble Power Spiral Ties for Your Voluminous and Thick Hair

The brilliance of these plastic spiral hair ties assures you of no kinks, no breakage and no hair damage. By using these plastic hair bands, you can pull out that classy pony tail style without tension headaches. The funky coil design of these ties locks your ponytail or bun into place rather than pulling it.

Product Features

  • Traceless
  • Avoid headaches
  • No split ends
  • Non-soaking
  • Anti-allergic
  • Nude colour

How To Use

Put the hair coil tie on wrist of your dominant hand. Use both hands to gently pull your hair together at the back. Wrap it around with thumb and index finger to make any style whether a ponytail or a hair bow topknot.


The invisibobble® is composed of polyurethane, better known as artificial resin. Polyurethane is particularly hygienic, since it neither absorbs dirt nor bacteria, and has a very easily cleaned surface.


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