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Infuse My. Colour

Elevate your hair care routine with Infuse My Colour, a beauty brand specialising in vegan, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free products designed to enhance and maintain the vibrancy of your coloured hair. Introducing the Infuse My Colour Paddle Brush, your key to glossy, knot-free locks. This latest addition from My. Hair Care is a swift solution for your hair and the planet. Explore our latest: the NEW Infuse My Colour Graphite Shampoo, a breakthrough in temporary colour washes for maintaining, enhancing, refreshing, balancing, or treating your hair. It's enriched with a naturally derived cationic biopolymer that seals in the colour while smoothing the hair cuticle for a sleek finish. This versatile shampoo adjusts to your hair's tone, offering graphite/ash tones for dark brown hair, steel tones for light brown hair, and striking charcoal steel tones for bleached hair. Now available in 7 shades (Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Graphite and Quartz), paired with our Treat Conditioner. Experience the Infuse My Colour revolution today.