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  • Gamma Piu Absolute Hitter Trimmer

Gamma Piu Absolute Hitter Trimmer

by Gamma Piu

Price: £99.99

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Gamma Piu Absolute Hitter Trimmer


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Product Description

Gamma Piu Absolute Hitter Trimmer

Professional detail trimmer with rotary motor. Removable drop top skeleton.

First ever fully modular trimmer with removable drop-top for skeleton style design to expose the blade for cooler operation, better sight line, easier cleaning and enhanced precision.


Charging stand, mini USB cord, 3 guards, cleaning kit and mini screwdriver.


Product Features

240 Minute Cordless Run-Time and Mini USB Charging

Removable Drop Top

Zero Gap Black Diamond Carbon Blade

How To Use

Follow instructions on manual.

Custom body kits - 3 colours.

Product Ingredients

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