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For the Salon

How much commission will I earn as a Salon Affiliate?

You will earn 10% on each transaction where your Salon Trusted Code has been used at checkout.

Why should my salon promote online sales through salontrusted.com?

Salons are already losing out on in-salon retail sales to e-commerce retail websites. salontrusted.com provides an opportunity for Salon professionals to earn revenue without any investment in stock, web technology or distribution channels. Salon Trusted does all this for you. There is no cost to the salon, all you have to do is become an affiliate and share your SalonTrusted code with your clients who you know don't buy products in the salon.

How can I spend my commission?

If you have received commission, you will receive an email with an discount e-voucher equal to the value of the commission earned allowing you to spend at www.synergysalonsupplies.com

When will I receive my commission?

If you have earned commission we will email you every 6 months.

Watch your earnings grow by logging in and checked out your commission balance.

How will I receive my commission?

Any commission earned will be in the form of a electronic discount voucher to the value of the commission earned. This can be redeemed at www.synergysalonsupplies.com

How long will my discount voucher be valid for?

Your discount voucher will be valid for one year before it expires.

Can I login to salontrusted.com to check if I have earned any commission?

You can check how much commission you have earned by clicking on this link.

When someone uses my code, what happens to their order?

You don't need to worry about anything! We will process, package and send the customers order straight to their door - you just need to watch your commission grow!