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  • Cuccio Veneer Vegas Vixen 13ml

Cuccio Veneer Vegas Vixen 13ml

by Cuccio

RRP: £14.95 / Salon Trusted Price: £10.99

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Cuccio Veneer Vegas Vixen 13ml


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Product Description

Cuccio Veneer - Vegas Vixen 13 ml

With new additions to its vast array of nail polishes for the contemporary woman, Cuccio Veneer Nail Paints is set to redefine the standards for women’s grooming. The Veneer collection from Cuccio brings you amazing products to give your nails a complete makeover. Cuccio nail paints are manufactured with high quality natural ingredients. They promise an extended wear whether you are juggling duties at home or chasing boardroom meetings. Vegas Vixen Nail Paint is highly pigmented, featuring a new-age Adhesive Gel technology that makes it last longer than any other LED effect nail paint. These Cuccio Nail Polishes are used by many make-up artists and nail art professionals, specifically those who are handling demands for a highly shimmery manicure.

Spread the Sparkle with Cuccio Veneer Vegas Vixen

If you are someone who likes changes and likes to explore new colours, then Cuccio is perhaps the best brand to trust. Recommended by many as a styling arsenal, its Veneer Nail Polish is curated with promising features like no evaporation and no thickening or yellowing. The ergonomically designed nail bottle and the brush make the nail coating quick and convenient enough to be carried around in the handbag or tucked in the office drawer. Cuccio Shimmer Nail Polish is made with a No-Chip Formula that ensures an even & effortless nail coating no matter how harsh the weather is. Many customer reviews also state that this nail lacquer offers extended wear in the most demanding conditions, including highly humid locations, making it the first choice for women who like their fashion choices to be trustworthy and stylish without an inflated price tag.

Get Better Nail Colour Coverage with Cuccio Veneer Nail Polish

Getting a thick coverage on your nails with a single of nail lacquer is now easily achievable with this professional nail colour. Vegas Vixen Nail Colour is made with a triple pigmentation technology that locks-in the lacquer for a long time. The shine does not wear away even if you are on-the-move, at the office desk, or discovering new landscapes as an outdoorsy person. The LED/UV formulation of this professional nail polish makes it 100% polish free and stabilised for extended wear. Cuccio Nail Lacquers offer micro-shatter resistance, ensuring a flawless wear till the last drop! Grab these premium nail shades enriched with natural ingredients that also create a layer of protection against nail breakage.

Product Features

  • 100% Polish Free (No evaporation,thickening,hardening or yellowing guaranteed.)
  • Extended Wear- (wear it until you want it off!)
  • Triple Pigmentation 
  • No Micro Shattering (with Veneers Top Coat with High Gloss Armour)
  • UV/LED Cured

How To Use

Apply Cuccio base coat to clean and dry nails with defined, shaped cuticles. Brush a single stroke of Cuccio Veneer lacquer down the centre of the nail. Apply the second coat right after you have the desired opacity. Seal with one stroke of Cuccio Top Coat and you are all set to glam-up the party!

Product Ingredients


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