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  • Cuccio Polish - Atomix Collection - Make a Differnece 13ml

Cuccio Polish - Atomix Collection - Make a Differnece 13ml

by Cuccio

RRP: £9.99 / Salon Trusted Price: £6.99

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Cuccio Polish - Atomix Collection - Make a Differnece 13ml


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Product Description

Cuccio Atomix Collection Polish - Bright Neon Nail Paint

Cuccio Nail Polishes are the perfect addition to an everyday grooming kit. This exclusive, LED formula nail coating is redefining the standards for nail-styling art. Formulated with triple pigmentation technology, this neon polish offers rich coverage in a single coat. Cuccio Color Professional Nail Lacquer range has a toluene-free formulation to maintain user safety and quality standards. This nail formula is made to stay longer on your nails for a longer duration no matter how busy your day gets, without getting chipped off. This highly bright nail paint matches with almost every outfit, assisting manicure artists to handle erratic customer demands. For some, nail polishes are also fashion accessories that glam-up their party ensemble!


Get ready with Cuccio Atomix Collection

Painting your nails in mesmerising shades is the new trendsetter in contemporary nail-art industry. This Cuccio nail polish mostly preferred by make-up artists and nail art professionals, an integral part of their cosmetic styling arsenal. This nail color by Cuccio imparts a unique 3D shimmed texture and leave an expert-finished look in just a few minutes. Perfect for flawlessly finished nails, this polish-free formula imparts a high-fashion shade with even & effortless nail coating.                                                             

Gorgeous Nails with Cuccio Professional

Developed and used by professionals for years, this nail paint gives you a complete coverage with one coat and a true coverage with two coats. The compact packaging ensures it is easy to carry, hassle-free to stack in your office drawer, the car’s dashboard, or your handbag. The DBP free formulation of this nail lacquer ensures safe application and cures in LED and UV light. Cuccio Nail is made to avoid evaporation, thickening, or yellowing, ensuring you get an awesome nail grooming product that functions equally well throughout the year, irrespective of how hot, cold, or humid the conditions get. This premium quality nail polish also protects your nails from breakage – a big reason that it continues to feature as one of the most recommended nail art product at nail salons, spas, wellness centers, etc.

Product Features

  • Pigment that empowers
  • Triple Pigmentation Technology
  • Specially designed to be nail technician friendly
  • No Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene free
  • Non-chip formulation
  • 8 on-trend neon shades in polish and veneer

How To Use

Apply Cuccio base coat to clean and dry nails with defined, shaped cuticles. Brush a single stroke of Cuccio Polishes down the center of the nail. Apply the second coat right after you have the desired opacity. Seal with one stroke of Cuccio Top Coat and you are all set to glam-up the party!

Product Ingredients


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