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  • Colorsmash Mini Trio Kit

Colorsmash Mini Trio Kit

by Colorsmash

RRP: £20.00 / Salon Trusted Price: £14.99

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Colorsmash Mini Trio Kit


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Product Description

This mini pack includes Indigo, Violet & Pink in 1.5oz bottle with a cute travel case!

The Color Kissed Hairspray by Colorsmash is a temporary spray-on hair colour treatment formula. The hair spray provides vibrant, translucent touch of colour, which stays on the hair locks throughout the day. The hair colour is easy to wash out in 2 – 3 washes. The Colorsmash hair spray makes your hair appear lustrous, nourished and healthy. The hair colour spray delivers uniform colour – thanks to the nutrient-rich dye formula. The hair product adds gloss and colour with zero damage.

Temporary Hair Colouring Formula

The colour from the Colorsmash Color Kissed Spray envelops the hair but does not seep into the cuticles. The smoothening hair spray is rich in extracts of aloe vera, quinoa, grapeseed, marigold, sunflower seeds and avocado. The nourishing plant extracts in the colouring spray leave the hair soft and shiny. Unlike conventional hairsprays, the Colorsmash smoothening hair spray does not dry hair follicles but creates a strong hold without damaging the hair. The colouring spray is neither stiff nor sticky. The ingredients in this hair care product have high gloss properties. The hair care spray enhances the texture of the hair and smoothens the split ends and cuticles.

Salon-Like Hairstyles

The Colorsmash colouring hairspray helps you sport a temporary balayage, ombre or highlights without the need to bleach the hair. The colour highlight spray helps create dimensions in your hair locks without hampering the hair follicles like a normal hair bleach would. The hair spray also locks in moisture in the tresses.

Product Features

  • Flexible Hold
  • Nutrient enriched - conditioning and hydrating
  • Includes Indigo, Violet and Pink

How To Use

Hold the bottle few inches from the hair and spritz in small bursts. Tilt the head upside down and spray side to side underneath hair sections, for extra volume. You can reapply the hair formula throughout the day.

Product Ingredients


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