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  • Claw Culture Gel Polish 082 Chocolate Diamonds 8ml

Claw Culture Gel Polish 082 Chocolate Diamonds 8ml

by Claw Culture

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Claw Culture Gel Polish 082 Chocolate Diamonds 8ml


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Product Description

Claw Culture Gel Polish - 082 Chocolate Diamonds

Claw Culture - Gel Polish Technology at its best. We are introducing a gorgeous range of the most popular professional gel polish colours with a great competitive price. With a choice of 6 glitter shades perfect for the fast approaching festive season!

These polishes can be cured with a UV lamp (90s-120s) or LED lamp (60s-90s).

Chocolate Diamonds is a high quality professional polish in a beautiful bronze glitter shade.


Product Features

  • Can be cured with an LED or UV lamp
  • Shades are displayed on the top of the lid (see swatch above!)
  • 8ml bottle
  • Available in 5 other shades

How To Use

  • Use a nail file and cuticle oil to prepare nails beforehand
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure under an LED lamp for 90 secs
  • Once cured apply a thin layer of colour and cure again for 90 secs … repeat this stage
  • Apply a thin layer of top coat and cure under the lamp for 90 seconds.

Cure for up to 120 secs when using a UV lamp!

This process will give you a very professional finish

Product Ingredients

Aliphatic urethane acrylate, Hydroxyethyl methacrylate, TPO, HCPK.

Pigments may include:

CI18965, CI20470, CI42051, CI73015, CI10020, CI15510, CI17200, CI45190, CI77120, CI16255, CI73015, CI19140, CI15985, CI45430, CI42090.


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