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Going Vegan for January? We’ve ‘Guac’ You

After an overindulgent Christmas and New Year, many of us will be wanting to make a positive, healthy change come January 1st, from going sober for the month to embracing Veganuary. But whilst going vegan for the month does mean giving up meat, there’s actually more to it than that.

More often than not, many of the everyday products that we use absentmindedly have ingredients from animals or aren’t always cruelty-free. So, before you ‘kale’ it quits, we’re here to help you keep up your beauty routine and keep your mane tamed, with a definitive list of cruelty-free, plastic-free, and vegan products to keep your Veganuary animal-free.

Insight Trio Gift Box – Coloured Hair

Italian professional haircare brand Insight uses a scientific understanding of Phytoextracts and Phyto-oils creating products that are organic, vegan, and great for your hair. The Insight Gift Box range for coloured hair is perfect for those looking for an organic and vegan-friendly solution to cater for their hair needs. Not only do they brighten and enhance colour, but this trio also revitalises the hair thanks to its rich formula of extracts and oils, from macadamia oil to mango butter. This comprehensive set of shampoo, conditioner, and a mask will transform your hair from root to tip.

Foamie Body Butter Stick – Papaya and Oat Milk

Foamie is on a mission to ‘Think Outside the Bottle’ with plant-friendly solutions that smell incredible and leave a lasting effect on your skin and hair. Their iconic ‘syndet’ is the base for a whole range of low-cost products from shampoo, conditioners, cleansing face bars and exfoliating shower bars. Their plastic-free body butter is no different. Taking the form of a handy stick, the super-rich and nourishing body butter has papaya enzymes and repairing oat milk to help repair and sooth the skin.

He-Shi HD Wonder Glow 100ml

He-Shi promise to provide superior flawless tanning results making sure you feel confident by enhancing your natural beauty. A cruelty free and vegan tan with no smell, no tell-tale streaks, that is easy to use and leaves your skin with a beautiful glow. The must-have HD Wonder Glow is no different. This lightweight, silky-smooth cream infused with aloe vera to hydrate adds reflected crystallised mica minerals to create an illuminous glow on the skin whilst colour correcting technology helps to even out the skin tone and cover blemishes and veins.

Infuse My Colour Ruby Gift Bundle 2021

A favourite here at Salon Trusted HQ, Infuse My Colour is a range of professional colour enhancing products, that work to your individual hair colour to maintain, enhance, refresh, balance or treat your locks. Your faded colour no longer has to rely on harsh chemicals as this vegan and cruelty-free range has zero nasty chemicals. There’s a whole range of colours to choose from like gold or quartz, graphite or copper and even ruby; perfect for enriching brown hair with warmth or even to blonde hair to create bold pinks.

Indola Colorblaster Vegan Toning Conditioner Juno – Subtle Silver 300ml

Indola is a professional hair brand inspired by real-life and real people, with a focus on all the relevant things hairdressers and clients alike need: high standards and simple solutions at an affordable price. With that in mind, their vegan toning conditioner can create vibrant colour results with semi-permanent dyes up to 10 washes (depending on your hair condition, colour base etc.). This unique formula helps smoothen the hair structure for perfect condition and shine, creating more suppleness and silky smoothness.

The Hair Movement The Miracle 120ml Masque

The Hair Movement is a British born family business on a mission to bring quality cruelty-free, vegan, ethical haircare in 100% recycled materials packaging without compromising on delivering the very best hair care solutions. One of the best masks for all hair types, The Miracle masque increases elasticity and uses carbocysteine to strengthen the hair, while ingredients like Murumuru seed and carob butter nourish and fortify the hair follicles. Not only will this masque increase your hair’s manageability and overall health, but it will also give your tresses shine and bounce.

Biolage Smooth Proof Deep Treatment Pack 100ml

Biolage is has been a staple of hair care and salons around the world since the 1990s, inspired by natural ingredients and botanicals before anyone knew what Veganuary was! Today the crisp white packaging is recognised by professionals and customers alike for providing high performance and professional-quality products that give that ‘at home’ salon feel and finish. This 100% vegan deep and indulgent hair mask is no different. Restore the texture and quality of your hair in just three minutes – perfect for those looking to put a stop to frizz, split ends, and flyaways. Infused with rich camellia and castor oils, this mask will give an overall smooth and sleek finish to your hair, while the oils work to strengthen, condition, and lock in moisture. Finally, this easy-to-squeeze pack uses 20% less plastic – what more do you want?

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Why You Should Keep Using Vegan Products After Veganuary


Many people around the world are taking part in Veganuary this year. Veganuary and being vegan isn’t just about reducing the meat that you consume. You also need to be willing to make changes in your lifestyle including only buying vegan products. While many people only do Veganuary for one month, we think that buying vegan products should be something that you try for a lot longer – even if you go back to eating meat.

Find out some of the reasons to continue using vegan products after Veganuary below!


One of the great things about vegan products is that you can be sure that they have not been tested on animals. The last thing you want is for your hair products to be made in a way that harms animals if you are living a vegan lifestyle. If cruelty-free products are something you are interested in, then choosing vegan products in the future makes it easier! Some products that aren’t vegan will be cruelty-free as well so this is something to consider if you can’t commit to being a vegan year-round.

Fewer Chemicals

When we choose hair or beauty products, we don’t want to have to deal with any harsh chemicals. Usually, you’ll find that vegan products are free from harsh chemicals and can be quite gentle on the skin. This is because they are more natural. While this isn’t guaranteed, you will find that most of our vegan products are good for you!

Your Skin Can Be Softer

Vegan products are usually loaded up with Vitamins B and E which you don’t always get in other products. These vitamins can help to keep your hair and skin softer for longer! Check out if your favourite vegan products include these in the ingredients and you can benefit from this. Imagine how great it would be to have soft skin for the entire 2020!

Natural Ingredients

When you continue to use vegan products for your hair or skin after Veganuary, you will find that you are using much more natural ingredients on your skin. Some of the common ingredients in vegan products include chamomile and tea tree. These are great for clearing up acne and helping to look after your skin generally.

Try Our Vegan Products

If you are nearly finished with Veganuary then it might be time to start thinking about becoming a full-time vegan. This lifestyle can be hard to adjust to at first but it can be very rewarding. If you are thinking about extending Veganuary for a few more months, make sure to check out our range of vegan products here at Salon Trusted!