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Salon Trusted’s Guide To Temporary Hair Colour at Home

Already bought a fancy costume for Halloween? Do you want to spice things up a bit further in the hair department and experiment with different colours and styles without committing to a permanent change? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then temporary hair colour is the perfect solution for you!

In this blog, we will give you some tips on how to use temporary hair colour at home, and show you some of the best temporary hair colour products for different occasions. Whether you want to rock a spooky look for Halloween, a festive look for parties, or an eccentric look for any other day, Salon Trusted has just the product for it. Read on. 

Why Should You Give Temporary Hair Colour a Try? 

Temporary hair colour is a great way to try out a new look without having to worry about the commitment. It’s also a lot of fun! There are so many different colours and styles to choose from. You can find the perfect one to match your personality and style.

The best part is that temporary hair colour is easy to use. Just follow the instructions on the package and you’ll be good to go. So what are you waiting for? Give temporary hair colour a try today. 

Temporary Hair Colour Sprays for Halloween 

Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your creativity and transform your hair into something spooky, scary, or simply stunning. Whether you want to match your hair with your costume, or just add a touch of colour to your look, temporary hair colour can help you achieve your desired effect. 

If you want to add sparkle and glamour to your hair for parties, then temporary hair colour sprays are the way to go. Temporary hair colour sprays are aerosol cans that spray fine particles of colour onto your hair. They are easy to use and dry quickly, giving you instant results.

Here are some of the best temporary hair colour sprays:

These can be used to add sparkle to your hair. They can be applied over your hair or just on the ends if you wish. You can also use them to create glitter roots. Glitter hair sprays are suitable for all hair types and colours. These are temporary hair colour sprays that contain glitter particles that reflect light and make your hair shimmer. They are perfect for adding some sparkle and shine to your hair, especially under party lights. You can use them to enhance your natural hair colour or add contrast with a different colour. 

For example, you can use gold or silver glitter hairspray to create a glamorous look, or pink or blue glitter hairspray to create a fun look. 

Try the available glitter hairsprays at Salon Trusted

These can be used to add a pop of colour to your hair. They come in a variety of colours and can be used all over your hair or just on the ends. Colour sprays are suitable for all hair types and colours. These are temporary hair colour sprays that contain pigments that change the colour of your hair temporarily. They are ideal for creating vibrant and eye-catching looks or matching your hair with your outfit or accessories. You can use them to cover your entire head or create sections or patterns with different colours. 

For example, you can use red or green colour spray to create a festive look, or purple or turquoise colour spray to create a trendy look. 

You can try out the Colorsmash Color Kissed Hairsprays

Trending Looks with Glitter and Colour Sprays

If you want to go all out and create a trending look with your temporary hair colour products, then glitter hairsprays and colour sprays are the best options for you. You can combine them to create unique and original looks that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Here are a few possible looks you can create:

  • Rainbow Look

If you want to create a colourful and cheerful look, then the rainbow look is for you. You can use different colour sprays to create a rainbow effect on your hair, starting from the roots and ending at the tips. You can also use glitter hairspray to add some sparkle and shine to your rainbow hair. This look is perfect for pride events, festivals, or any occasion where you want to show your true colours.

  • Galaxy Look

If you want to create a cosmic and mystical look that is truly out of this world, then the galaxy look is for you. You can use dark colour sprays, such as black, navy, or purple, to create a base for your galaxy hair. Then, you can use lighter colour sprays, such as white, silver, or blue, to create stars and planets on your hair. You can also use glitter hairspray to add some shimmer and glow to your galaxy hair. This look is perfect for Halloween, sci-fi events, or any occasion where you want to unleash your inner space explorer.

  • Animal Print Look 

If you want to create a wild and exotic look, then the animal print look is for you. You can use colour sprays to create different animal patterns on your hair, such as leopard spots, zebra stripes, or tiger stripes. You can also use glitter hairspray to add some shine and texture to your animal print hair. This look is perfect for costume parties, themed events, or any occasion where you want to channel your inner animal. 

Tips on How to Use Temporary Hair Colour at Home 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start using temporary hair colour at home:

  • Prep Your Hair
    Before application of a temporary hair colour, ensure that your hair is dry and clean. This will help the colour adhere better to your hair. 
  • Protect Your Clothes

Use an old t-shirt, an old towel or any rag before application so as to save your fancy clothes from being tarnished. 

  • Test the Colour 

Always test the product on a few strands of hair before applying it all over your hair. Let it dry so you can see how it looks when done. 

  • Follow the Instructions 

Always, and we mean always, follow the instructions given on the packaging or leaflet. This will save you loads of trouble and mess. 

  • Wash Your Hair Properly 

Don’t forget to wash your hair properly once you have used the temporary hair colour. 

Recommended Temporary Hair Colour Products at Salon Trusted 

By now, you are probably ready to give your hair a new temporary colour pop for Halloween. Here are some of our favourite temporary hair colour products you can use: 

This colour mousse from Indola comes in a variety of colours to choose from. Ranging from Powdery Lilac to a bright Red.

This semi-permanent dye provides vibrant colour results up to 10 washes, depending on hair condition, colour base, the quantity of used product, and processing time. Here’s the range we offer on Salon Trusted: 

This is a zero-damage colour-depositing mask for a temporary change of colour. Use this at-home treatment weekly to easily add a pop of the available colours to pre-lighten hair and transform your look in 10 minutes. Here are some of the colour options available with us; Pink, Copper, Espresso, Blue and so much more!

Refresh, intensify and condition your hair colour in 5 minutes with Biolage ColorBalm Color Depositing Conditioners. For all hair types and textures, colour-treated or not. These are all vegan, paraben-free and mineral oil-free. Here’s the complete range available at Salon Trusted:

Additionally, With all Biolage ColorBalms you get a free Biolage towel and comb which you can also purchase separately.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. Just click on the products you want to buy or feel free to browse your desired product at Salon Trusted

Have fun and let the colours pop at your Halloween party. Tag us on Instagram with your final results. We would love to see your amazing looks. 

Happy colouring!


Best Temporary Hair Colours to Perfect Your Halloween Look

Best Temporary Hair Colours to Perfect Your Halloween Look

Halloween is just around the corner and the quest to find the perfect costume is on! Here at Salon Trusted, we know that the right hair colour can make or break your look, taking it from a basic costume to a spooktacular masterpiece. After all, what’s Cruella de Vil without her monochrome two-tone do, or Jessica Rabbit without her iconic red waves?

Temporary hair colours are the ideal solution to transform your outfit, without having to commit to a bold new look in the long run or fork out for a synthetic wig. With that said, Halloween can also be the perfect time to try out that hair colour you’ve always wanted to give a go, and with some temporary hair colours lasting up to 10 washes, this is just the right amount of time to truly try and test an exciting new look before committing for good. We’ve picked out our favourite temporary hair products below that’ll help you stand out at the Halloween party this year!

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Instant Blush

These hairsprays are perfect for adding a subtle pastel touch to your locks, without the commitment of an all-over look. Choose from steel blue or jade, and spray these pastel tone colours all over your hair, or use it just for highlights. Get creative, we think these would work perfectly for a Harley Quinn costume! Not only do the sprays give your hair a gorgeous pastel hue, but they also work to keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny. The colours can last up to 3 washes, depending on your hair type so there’s no long-term commitment. They’re currently reduced from £17.25 to £10.99 so snap these up quick!

Sibel Glitter Hairspray

Sometimes all you need is a touch of sparkle to add an extra something to your Halloween look. These glitter hairsprays come in gold, silver and multi-coloured and are the perfect add on for your party look, adding some sparkle and holding to any updo. Whether you’re dressing up as a unicorn, a fairy or a mermaid, simply spray on and wash out as normal.

Colorsmash Color Kissed Hairspray

Hair colour sprays are the quickest and easiest way to colour your hair for Halloween. These hairsprays will change up your hair in an instant, giving you a bold fun look that can easily be washed in 2-3 washes. They’re currently reduced from £14.95 to £9.95 so now is the perfect time to try something new. Not only does the spray deliver uniform colour, thanks to the nutrient-rich dye formula but it also makes your hair appear nourished and healthy. The selection of indigo, teal, violet and pink would work perfectly for a huge array of Disney characters, the hardest part will be choosing which colour!

SoColor Blow Dry Colour

Ready for a colour revolution? For the first time, you can add temporary colour whilst you blow-dry your hair, changing up your look in an instant, and easily wash out in just 1 wash. The innovative new product from Matrix, priced at £25.00, adds a professional edge to temporary colour, simply wash your hair as normal, shake and dispense the colour onto your hair using a colour brush. Comb through to ensure an even application, blow dry your hair and watch the transformation take place! The platinum silver would be perfect to achieve Marilyn Monroe’s or Gwen Stefani’s iconic platinum locks, but you can also choose from blooming orchid, stonewash denim, titanium silver, golden blonde, hot pink and iridescent rose.

Indola Colorblaster Vegan Toning Conditioner

If you’re open to your Halloween hair sticking around into November, colour conditioners are the perfect choice as they provide a taste of new hair colour, whilst preserving the health of your hair. The Indola colour blaster toning conditioners provide vibrant colour results whilst smoothing the hair structure to increase shine, suppleness and sleekness. Apply to damp towel-dried hair after shampooing, leave on for anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes before rinsing and watch the glow-up happen!

For those who want to jazz up their existing hair colour, the vibrant copper and cool brown conditioners are ideal, whereas those more adventurous cans choose from intense lavender grey and bold red. The bold red can help you achieve the infamous Jessica Rabbit locks whilst the lavender grey can create a look that even Kylie Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala would be jealous of. The colour can last anywhere from a few weeks to a month, depending on your hair type, colour base and the amount of product used but you can always top it up with another treatment whenever you’d like. Priced at just £11.99, that’s a steal.

Infuse My. Colour Shampoo

If you’re looking for a more subtle change, these shampoos could be for you. These vegan and cruelty-free shampoos with zero nasty chemicals are changing the temporary hair colour game. Priced at £16.99, they work to your individual hair colour to maintain, enhance, refresh, balance or treat your locks. The Ruby shampoo can add a warm red glow to dark brown hair, rich red tones to light brown hair and striking pink tones to bleached hair. Say hello to Frenchy from Grease! Why not get your friends involved and go as the Pink Ladies? Similarly, the Cobalt shampoo keeps black hair inky black, neutralises red or orange tones for brunettes and transforms bleached hair with bold green and blue tones. This would be ideal for a Beetlejuice or Joker inspired outfit! There’s a whole host of colours to choose from, from gold to quartz, to graphite, to copper so there’s something for every hair colour and every desired look.   

There are so many options for temporary hair colours that can not only put the perfect finishing touch on any Halloween outfit but can also give you the chance to try a fun new look without the long-term commitment! For more information or more handy hips, get in touch with our friendly team today.