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Stay Safe and Stylish with NEQI Face Masks

Whilst we all breathe a sigh of relief (and keep our fingers crossed) as numerous COVID-19 restrictions continue to be lifted throughout the UK and the long-awaited sense of ‘normality is finally returning, many of us have accepted that wearing face masks will be the norm for a long time yet.

The legal requirement to wear masks in most public settings in England may have been lifted on the 19th of July, with a question over whether the rest of the UK will soon follow suit however, in a recent study by the Office of National Statistics, two-thirds of adults in the UK still plan on wearing face coverings in settings such as crowded shops and public transport, regardless of any legal requirement.

So, if masks are here to stay, which face mask is best? In the debate between disposable and reusable face masks, it’s clear reusable come out on top as these are considered more sustainable, affordable and practical for everyday use. Previous research carried out by the University College London calculated that if every person in the UK wore a disposable face mask every day for a year, it would create 66,000 tonnes of contaminated waste and 55,000 tonnes of plastic packaging.

The solution? NEQI face masks of course! Voted a Which? Best Buy in Reusable Masks and Face Coverings, NEQI provide practical yet stylish face coverings, designed to keep you comfortable and those around you safe. Check out our selection of NEQI Face Masks here or keep reading to find out more.

How Do I Choose Which Reusable Face Mask to Buy?

Reusable face masks aren’t required to confirm to the same standards that disposable face masks are, as these are most commonly used by professionals in healthcare settings. However, as we continue to wear face masks to protect ourselves and those around us from the spread of COVID-19, it is important to know which face masks will do the best job of keeping us safe.

Luckily, Which? did all the work for us and tested 27 face coverings from high street and online brands to find the best options, assessing a variety of factors from how breathable and comfortable they are, how well they filter particles and how well they last with repeated use and washing.

What Are The Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Reusable Face Mask?

  • Filtration Efficiency

Whilst coronavirus particles can be much smaller than bacteria, these can be a good test for how well the face mask acts as a barrier for particles. Arguably the most important element of a face mask.

  • Breathability

Whilst it may sound obvious, ensuring you can breathe properly through your face covering is vital and will ensure you wear the mask properly. Some materials offer high filtration but don’t allow for the flow of air, which makes it harder to breathe and can cause moisture to build up. In turn, if your mask becomes damp this can reduce the filtration efficiency.

  • Instructions

There are some voluntary standards for manufacturers advising what needs to be on the packaging of face coverings, including the presence of warnings about them not being medical-grade PPE, as well as instructions on how to wear and wash them properly. If there aren’t any instructions, we would always recommend washing your face mask at 60°C.

  • Ease of Use

The easier the mask is to wear, again the more likely you will be to wear it correctly. This includes how easy it is to take it on and off, how they feel to wear, if there’s any tightness or gaps, if it’s comfortable to wear whilst talking and if it’ll make your glasses fog up.


NEQI scored 81% in the Which? the study, coming in the top 5 out of all the reusable face masks they tried and tested. The triple-layer construction was found to capture 80% of particles and 72% after five washes. The super-soft simple fabric means it is really easy to breathe through and comfortable to wear, thanks to the mixture of cotton polyester and a touch of elastane.

With 4 different sizes to chose from, there’s a size to fit everyone. There’s also a fantastic variety of colours from classic black, to colour block pink and blue, to leopard print and sparkle for those looking to make more of a statement. The new NEQI active face covering has a soft, adjustable ear and nosepiece to add comfort, prevent chafing and ensure the mask stays fixed in position no matter the activity.

Here at Salon Trusted we are proud to partner with NEQI, an innovative, modern and sustainable brand that stands for purity, honesty and style. That’s why we’re currently offering 15% off selected NEQI face masks as well as a FREE NEQI Hand Cleansing Gel with Aloe and Shea with every NEQI mask purchase.

Grab yours now, or for more information get in touch with our friendly team today.


Effect of Hand Sanitising Gels on Your Skin


“Will using hand sanitisers ruin my skin?” – that is the question we all asked ourselves at least once since COVID-19 became a serious issue. Today we will try to answer this question. What is the best way to protect yourself against coronavirus while keeping your skin healthy?

Sara Waterman, who is an aesthetician, believes that over time excessively washing hands and using hand sanitisers will deplete the skin’s natural protective barrier. This can then leave hands feeling dry and sore. However, Sara also thinks in times when the excessive risk of infection is present, dry chapped hands are a “better” choice.

The main thing all skin experts agree on is that after washing your hands, whether it be with hand sanitiser or with soap water – it is important to keep skin moisturised. Try switching to a nourishing hand cleansing gel that contains shea butter and is gentler to your skin. NEQI hand cleansing gels will not only kill the bacteria but also protect your hands from becoming overly dry and chapped. It contains 60% alcohol which allows it to kill 99.9% of bacteria. And thanks to the aloe vera and shea butter it take cares of your skin too. It’s also Vegan!

Button to buy NEQI Hand Cleansing Gel

So, hand sanitisers will not ruin your skin if used properly. NHS states that “while excessive use of hand sanitisers could lead to some drying effects, it is unlikely to negatively impact most people using the gels as a temporary antiseptic”. It is important to use antibacterial gels where water and soap are not available – a handbag option is a must!