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How to Keep Your Blonde Bright During Summertime

Summertime in the UK is a fun time when the sun peeks through the clouds, and the pebble-strewn beaches invite you for a fun day out. 

Needless to say, as a gorgeous blonde going out in the Sun, you would naturally be worried about keeping your hair blonde and bright. 

At, we want to give you tips and tricks on how you can keep your blonde hair bright during the summer. We will also be listing a few of the key hair products available on our website which you can use to manage your blonde hair and keep it shiny and bright all year long. 

First off, we will mention the tips and tricks, and then we will mention the hair products you can use. Here it goes: 

Tips on How to Keep Your Hair Bright Blonde 

Here are a few tricks for you to use:

  1. Sunscreen for your hair 

Remember that just like your skin, your blonde hair needs protection from the sun as well. Those sneaky UV rays can damage your hair and hair colour. Consider using a UV-protective hair spray or serum. Think of it as SPF for your strands. Simply spray it on before you go out in the Sun. 

The plus side is that most UV-protection hair sprays and serums have beautiful fragrances; so not only will you be protecting your hair but you will also smell nice wherever you go.  

These blonde hair masks, creams and protective sprays will be useful:

  1. Fanola No Yellow Shield Protective Mist 100ml
  2. Fanola No Yellow Thermo Protective Cream 150ml
  3. Selective Professional No Yellow Leave in Spray 150ml 
  4. Amargan Sine & Protect Spray 100ml
  5. Color Wow Pop & Lock Serum 55ml
  6. New Color Wow Money Mist 150ml
  1. Use the magic of toning products with purple pigments

The perfect friend for your blonde hair is the purple toning hair products. Consider it a spa day for your hair. Use it as advised and it will banish all the brassy tones in your hair. It works wonders for blonde hair and it will help you retain your blonde and keep it brighter and shinier.

Some of the most popular purple toning hair products on our website are:

  1. Fanola No Yellow hair products 
  2. Matrix So Silver Purple hair products 
  3. Selective OnCare No Yellow products
  1. Hydrate your blonde hair 

Regularly deep conditioning your hair with masks is a great way to keep your hair hydrated . Masks help your hair by strengthening it and ensuring that it stays fit and healthy. These conditioning masks provide your hair with the necessary nourishment that keeps it shining brighter than the Sun even during the summertime. Always go for the right type of masks that are perfect for your hair type. 

These are some of the best products to protect your hair this summer:

  1. Color Wow Money Mask 215ml
  2. New Matrix Food For Soft Mask 500ml
  3. Matrix Food For Soft Oil 50ml
  4. Biolage All In One Multi Benefit Oil 125ml
  1. Rinse your hair with cool water

Always go for a cool rinse when washing your hair during the summertime, this helps to seal in the cuticles and makes your hair shinier. For an added effect, you can carry the wet-hair look out with your friends too. A cool rinse is always a relaxing and soothing way to quickly keep your hair looking shiny and bright. The added layer of cool water will moisturise your hair too. 

  1. Use coconut oil 

This tropical elixir is the best remedy for keeping your blonde hair shiny and bright during any season. And during the summer, it will help moisturise your hair perfectly since it adds a protective layer which helps when you go out in the Sun. The benefits of using coconut oil on your hair are countless. Not only does it work its magic on dark hair, but it also helps in nourishing brighter shades such as blondes. 

Why not try out Color Wow Dream Cocktail – Infused with Coconut Oil!

  1. Avoid chlorine-heavy pools 

Chlorine is a big no-no for blonde hair. We understand that summers naturally invite you to pools and poolside parties where you may indulge in a dip or two. But swimming in a chlorine-heavy pool for a long duration will damage your hair a lot. The best way to swim in such pools is to reduce your swimming time and to wet your hair with fresh water before you take the plunge. This wetting adds a protective layer to your hair. But it won’t be too effective if you keep swimming for hours at a stretch.

Use the Color Wow Dream Filter after a day at the pool. This product is perfect for anyone that would like to keep their hair colour and/or highlights (chemically and naturally!) fresh, light and bright. It does this by taking away the environmental elements that destroy your lovely colour. This includes traces of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, aluminium, and chlorine.

Get Expert Blonde Hair Care Products at 

We hope these tips and the mentioned blonde hair care products from Salon Trusted will help you manage your blonde hair and keep it shiny and bright during the summer. 

As always, don’t hesitate to have fun with your hair, but always read the instructions on the hair product before using it. 

We are always happy to help you in matters of haircare and beauty. 

In the meantime, enjoy the summer!


Salon Trusted’s Guide to Hair Trends for Summer 2024

Summer 2024 is upon us. We can feel the heat rising, the sun shining, and the days getting longer. With all these, comes great trendy hairstyles you can pull off this summer. At, we want to give you a quick guide to the most popular haircuts and trends for the summer of 2024. 

Needless to say, our webstore is full of amazing hair care and hair styling products that can help you achieve these gorgeous looks. Feel free to browse through the best hair styling tools and hair accessories for beginners and experts. 

Equipped with the right tools and hair products, you can achieve these looks and feel amazing throughout the summer! 

There will be no need to book a salon appointment to look amazing this summer. Get the tools, get the hair products, and buy the accessories that go with them, and you will be all set to rock your new hairstyle! 

Here is our guide to the most talked about and anticipated hair trends for summer 2024: 

  • Bobs, everywhere

There’s a new wave of bobs sweeping Hollywood. Everywhere you look, every other celebrity is donning a bob. There are so many variations to the classic bob that you can witness on the red carpet, movie premiers, and talk shows and events. Some of these are shoulder-length bobs, jaw-length bobs, Italian bobs, choppy chin-length bobs, curly bobs, soft curved bobs, cheekbone-grazing 90s bobs, Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace-inspired bobs, blunt bobs, and so many more. 

Here are a few pictures for your inspiration:

This hairstyle is versatile because it works for any type of hair, curly, silky, etc. And you can always switch up the style by trying out a new texture or making it with a new part.

  • The ‘Shaggy’ Look 

If you’ve got curly hair, the classic shaggy style is a great look for the summer. It’s instant, requires minimal effort, and looks flawlessly messy. Some popular variations are short and wild shag, the modern shag, the short shag, the shoulder-cut shag, shaggy bangs, and more. 

The shaggy look is quick and easy, layer it up, or tie it up in a ponytail for that summer heat. It’s easy to handle and easy to style. 

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

  • The Pixie Cut 

If you have angular or pixie-esque face features, you can don a pixie cut. This very sleek and short hairstyle has been trending a lot for two years now with some of the A-list celebrities showcasing it at major events. Florence Pugh, Zoe Kravitz, Emma Corrin, and more have been seen with pixie cuts that have stolen hearts at movie premieres. 

Since it’s a small and easy-to-maintain cut, it goes well with oval faces, round faces, and even heart-shaped faces. 

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

  • The Midi ‘Lob’

This is a longer variation of the bob, also called the ‘lob’. For finer hair, and with a good volume, it’s a great hairstyle to wear this summer. It’s easy to maintain and you can keep it at the chin or to the shoulder, it’s up to you. It can be tied back in a ponytail for a fresher look and to beat the summer heat. It has been used to create a flattering and balanced look. 

Many celebrities have been recently seen donning it everywhere, including Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Rihanna, and Claire Danes among a few. 

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

  • The Bangs 

Bangs will never go out of style. They are in this summer as well. The macro bangs have been trending since the Paris Fashion Week, and after the 2024 Grammy Awards, the bangs made a comeback. Celebrities like Lana Del Rey and Anne Hathaway have been seen gracing the bangs at a few award shows. 

The bangs are versatile too, as these can be styled with short hair lengths as well as longer lengths that go down to the shoulders or bust. 

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

  • Layers 

Long layers are in style and these involve cutting the hair at different lengths to add volume, texture, and movement, all the while maintaining length. 

Last year, we witnessed one-length longer styles, popularly called ‘waterfall layers’, but this year, we have so many variations of the layers seen on celebrities. 

The best thing about the layers is that it is suitable for most hair lengths and hair volume. You can play around and create a look that best suits you. Some popular variations include long layers, choppy layers, textured layers, flippy layers, shaggy layers and more. 

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

Buy the Best Hair Tools and Accessories at 

We hope you can get inspired by the hairstyles we have mentioned above. Depending on your hair type you have, go ahead and try out the hairstyles that match your energy and vibe. 

As always, experiment, be creative, reinvent yourself, or top off your current style with even better hair management! 

Salon Trusted is always happy to enlighten its readers and customers with the latest and greatest in beauty and hair care. 

Happy styling! 


Salon Trusted Guide to Damaged Hair and How to Prevent It believes everyone is entitled to beautiful, healthy, and strong hair. We ensure this is possible by offering you the very best professional hair supplies and products to help your hair stay great.

Many tell-tale signs can help you identify if your hair is getting damaged. If you act timely, you can ensure that the damage is stopped and nurtured back to health. 

There can be numerous reasons for hair damage including excessive exposure to heat, being chemically treated, inconsistent and unhealthy diet, too much brushing, over washing, bleach, dye, stress, and more. 

In this blog, we’ll showcase great hair products that will help you stop the damage, and repair it. You won’t have to worry about how to protect damaged hair. 

Below we will also be comparing the top two hair products we recommend for hair damage. These are the Matrix Biolage Strength Recovery range and the Matrix Biolage Bond Therapy; the former helps in repairing damage done by heat exposure and the latter helps in repairing hair damage caused by overprocessed and chemical treatments. 

The 5 Most Common Signs of Hair Damage 

Here are some of the most common signs to look for when identifying hair damage: 

  1. Frizzy hair 

    You may end up with frizzy hair if you are using the wrong hair products for your hair type. This type of hair becomes unmanageable and is often a sign of hair damage. 

    Frizzy hair can be managed using hair products that are right for your hair type. You can often remedy frizzy hair by simply getting frequent haircuts as split ends are a common occurrence when growing out your hair. 

    Use Biolage Smoothproof Range to help combat your frizz!

    2. Hair turning grey

      If you inherited early greying of hair from your paternal or maternal side, there isn’t much to remedy that. Genetics cannot be altered using hair products. 

      However, a few scientific studies suggest that low levels of copper, zinc, iron, ferritin, vitamin D-3, and calcium may cause your hair to turn grey prematurely. 

      Some of the common remedies for greying hair are taking a balanced diet, using herbs, and regularly taking supplements.

      Better yet why not embrace your hair turning grey!

      3. Coarse or dry hair

        Once again, exposure to heat can also cause your hair to become coarse and dry. This may be due to the haircare devices you use.

        Other reasons may include over washing, bleaching, using hair dyes, and chemically treating your hair with harmful or cheap hair products. 

        If your hair is either coarse or dry we would recommend using Biolage Hydrasource.  

        4. Hair thinning 

          Hair can easily start thinning if you are stressed a lot or if you have a poor diet, especially as you age. 

          Try to practise mindfulness to reduce your stress, and manage your anxiety to stop the triggers.  

          Find products for Hair loss and thinning here!

          How to Treat Hair Damage Caused by Heat 

          If your everyday hairstyles are created with the use of curling wands, hair dryers, and straighteners, you may end up damaging your hair. 

          Heat, if applied carefully, can help you style your hair into wondrous and beautiful styles. But a simple overexposure can damage your hair significantly. 

          At, we offer a solution to hair damage caused by heat. Get the Matrix Biolage Strength Recovery products to nourish your hair back to life. 

          This range of hair products strengthens your weak hair, making it healthy and fresh once again!  

          The active ingredient in the Biolage Strength Recovery products is vegan squalane. 

          The benefits of using this range on your hair are repairing surface-level damage, strengthening fragile hair, and leaving your hair softer and shinier. 

          Get these hair products today at salon prices from our website. 

          How to Reverse Chemical Damage to Your Hair 

          For all the people who frequently dye their hair, colour them, and get re-texturising treatments, we have bad news for you. 

          Harsh chemicals can progressively deteriorate the hair cuticles making them prone to breakage. 

          Fear not! Bond-building products such as the Matrix Biolage Bond Therapy products can help you bring your damaged hair back to life. 

          This range of hair products deeply cares for overprocessed bleached or chemically processed hair via its key natural ingredients coconut oil and citric acid. 

          The benefits of using Biolage Bond Therapy are reinforcement of weak bonds, less hair damage, hair feeling softer, and significantly more conditioned hair.  

          We would recommend using the entire range together and now you can get the range in a bundle at a discounted price so you can give your hair the treatment is deserves – Biolage Bond Therapy Bundle

          A Comparison Between Biolage Strength Recovery & Biolage Bond Therapy 

          Here is a comparison between both Biolage Ranges that we offer:


          The hairstylists and people who have used it have reported smooth locks, softer hair, and less damage after using Matrix Biolage Bond Therapy. Additionally, users have also claimed that their hair seems and feels significantly more conditioned after its use.

          In summary, the Matrix Biolage Strength Recovery targets general hair strength and repair, while the Matrix Biolage Bond Therapy specifically addresses overprocessed hair with bond-building technology. Choose the one that is based on your hair’s unique needs.

          Professional Hair Salon Supplies and Products to Treat Hair Damage 

          Visit our Salon Trusted website to find hair products that can help you fight hair damage, and reverse the damage done so far. We strongly recommend the hair products from Matrix Biolage to help you get the best hair out there!


          5 Steps To Defined And Moisturised Curls + Coils With Matrix A Curl Can Dream

          Your curls + coils bestie has entered the chat…

          Discover how you can show your curls + coils some love with our 5 step routine below:

          Step 1: Cleanse with Shampoo

          Tips on how to use:

          • Use every time you cleanse your hair

          Hair benefits:

          • Infused with Manuka honey extract for gentle cleansing and retaining moisture
          • Cleanses the scalp to remove product build up and sebum
          • Keeps curls soft and revives curl pattern

          Step 2: Nourish with Mask

          Tips on how to use:

          • To use as a conditioner, leave in hair for 1-2 minutes (recommended if you shampoo your
            hair more frequently)
          • Or to use as a mask, leave in the hair for 5 minutes
          • Top tip: Blend the oil into the mask to target drier areas of your hair. First apply the oil to
            dehydrated areas of hair, then apply mask all over. Save time and water by layering products
            instead of rinsing in between

          Hair benefits:

          • Infused with Manuka Honey Extract to protect curls and revive curl pattern
          • Intense hydration
          • Conditions hair without weighing it down, so curls are bouncy and feel moisturised

          Step 3: Moisturise with Cream

          Tips on how to use:

          • For fine hair: apply less cream for fine
          • For thick hair: apply more cream
          • Apply to wet hair, distribute product from root to top in sections. Then squeeze product into
            the hair

          Hair benefits:

          • Infused with Manuka Honey Extract for feeling of moisture
          • Enhances definition and adds softness to curls

          Step 4: Define with Gel

          Tips on how to use:

          • For more definition, use more gel
          • If less hold is required, use less gel
          • Adjust amount of gel depending on the length and diameter of hair

          Hair benefits:

          • Extends life of curls by giving hold + definition
          • Doesn’t leave flake or crunch
            Cream + Gel combo:
          • For wavy hair (2A-2C), use less cream and more gel to encourage your waves
          • For curly hair (3A-3C), apply more cream and just a small amount of gel to support your curls

          Step 5: Finish with Oil

          Tips on how to use:

          • For an oiling service: Apply to damp or dry hair
          • Mid-week top up: if shampooing once a week, add oil to mid-lengths and ends mid-week to
            add moisture
          • Overnight Service: apply the oil to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. For a dry scalp
            gently message oil into the scalp. Then wrap the hair in a silk head wrap. The next morning
            cleanse with A Curl Can Dream Shampoo and Mask as normal. Save time and water by
            layering products

          Hair benefits:

          • Perfect finisher to separate out curls
          • Adds shine

          Shop Our Full Range Of A Curl Can Dream Products Here!


          Salon Trusted Guide to Beauty on a Budget

          Being connoisseurs of beauty and hair products in the UK, we understand that these products don’t need to cost you a lot. Not all beauty and hair products are equal – some are affordable, yet effective. In this blog, we, at, will showcase beauty and hair products on our webstore that are affordable, yet deliver the desired results. 

          Commonly, the notion is that any expensive beauty or hair product will get you the desired results. This is why most people openly equate the quality of a product with its high price, hence, they end up going over their budget to buy luxury beauty and hair products. The luxury brands understand this, and they make their products smaller in size to create that sense of exclusivity. This creates a bias among the consumers, who want to add that specific luxury product to their collection. 

          This blog will highlight beauty and hair products on that are affordable for everyone. 

          ‘Beauty on a Budget’ Products

          Here are a few hair and beauty products on our website that won’t break the bank: 

          1. Matrix Biolage Spring Boxes 

          The Matrix Biolage boxes are the best ‘beauty on a budget’ products on our website.With their beautiful and colourful packaging they could make an ideal Mother’s Day gift! Here is what we have to offer: 

          The VolumeBloom Shampoo and Conditioner work by adding volume and body to fine hair. The shampoo and conditioner plump hair with up to 70% more volume and make your hair easier to style after use. These are vegan and cruelty-free products. 

          The Smoothproof Shampoo and Conditioner are anti-frizz treatments that work to provide your hair with beautiful smoothness even in the worst of humid weather. The shampoo and the conditioner are suitable for all hair types. These work to keep your hair manageable by fighting frizz and providing static control.  

          These are vegan and cruelty-free products. 

          Biolage Colorlast Purple Shampoo, expertly crafted to neutralize brassy, yellow tones. This paraben-free shampoo and conditioner duo enhances and maintains cool blondes with pure purple pigments, fig, and orchid blend. The conditioner’s effective formula nourishes, hydrates, and detangles, achieving moisture balance. With a low-pH to prevent fungi and bacteria, it keeps the cuticle closed and healthy. This paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free duo not only adds color depth, tone, and shine but also preserves vibrant salon hair color. Elevate your hair care with this ethical, effective solution for beautifully coloured, healthy hair.

          Matrix Colorlast Shampoo, a paraben-free elixir designed to safeguard the beauty of your locks. This carefully crafted hair formula not only gently nourishes but also cleanses, leaving your hair irresistibly soft. What sets this dynamic duo apart is their shared commitment to anti-fade properties. The shampoo and conditioner, both paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, work in harmony to preserve the vibrancy of your hair, ensuring it stays beautiful over time. Immerse yourself in the indulgence of these products, and let the nourishing embrace of Matrix Colorlast elevate your hair care routine to new heights.

          The Hydrasource Shampoo helps with excessive hair styling, over-processing, thermal exposure and colouring when hair tends to lose its moisture and healthy texture. This product tames even the driest and coarsest hair. 

          The Biolage Hydrasource conditioner is a moisturising cream that gives you sleeker and smoother hair instantly. This hair renewal product works as a replenishing hair conditioning balm that seals the cuticles to improve smoothness.

          These are paraben-free, vegan and cruelty-free products. 

          the Strength Recovery Shampoo, a meticulously crafted, gentle cleanser specifically formulated for damaged hair. This transformative shampoo works wonders by effectively reducing breakage, imparting a softness and smoothness that you can feel. Its opulent lather effortlessly eliminates impurities and build-up, all while preserving the integrity of your precious locks. Notably, after just one use, witness the remarkable results as your hair becomes 3X stronger, with a notable 3X reduction in breakage. As a perfect companion to this powerhouse shampoo, we present the Strength Recovery Conditioning Cream. This rinse-off conditioner is not only vegan and cruelty-free but also a luxurious treat for your hair.

          1. Little Gifts on Salon Trusted 

          At, we know that sometimes you’re not completely aware of what a product can do for you. So instead of encouraging you to buy something expensive that isn’t even effective, we let you choose Little Gifts and see if the product is suitable for your hair and skin.

          You can browse through our selection of affordable, yet promising products on our page dedicated to Little Gifts which are all on a budget.

          From these brand you can find affordable hair and beauty products that are good quality:

          Buy Best Value Bundles on Salon Trusted 

          At, we have categorised our hair and beauty products into affordable yet value-for-money Best Value Bundles.  

          Here are a few things you can purchase in these Best Value Bundles: 

          1. Insight 
          1. Matrix 
          1. Selective Professional OnCare

          Get Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget 

          Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, you can show your love and appreciation to your mother by gifting her something that does not break the bank and makes her happy too. Choose from a wide range of Mother’s Day beauty and hair products for 2024 on

          Buy Beauty on a Budget Products Now 

          We hope you find our guide to affordable, yet effective beauty and hair products beneficial. Browse through our variety on the Salon Trusted website and happy shopping!


          Salon Trusted’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2024

          Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you must be wondering what gift to give to your loved one to show them how much you love and care for them. Don’t worry, has the right gifts that will make your special one fall in love with you all over again! Whether you’re looking for a gift for your spouse, partner, crush, bestie or friend, we have the perfect gifts that will carry your sentiments and intentions forward. These will make them feel loved, appreciated, and pampered.

          With so many options to choose from, how do you choose the best beauty and hair gift for them? How do you find something that suits their style, personality, preference, and above all, complements their beauty? How do you choose a gift that makes it stand out and leaves them with a lasting loving core memory? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.

          In this guide, we will highlight some of the best gifts you can get from our website. We will focus on gifts for her and gifts for him. We will guide you on how to choose the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones including the best value bundles. And we won’t stop at that, we will also give you pointers on making gift-giving memorable and fun by making it an annual ritual that you both love. 

          Read on to get ideas for beauty and hair gifts for Valentine’s Day in 2024: 

          Selecting ideal beauty and hair gifts for loved ones concisely

          To get the best beauty and hair gifts for your loved ones, you have to dig deep and know what makes them happy, and what they prefer. Try recalling any hint they may have given you leading up to this Valentine’s Day. Remember, it’s always wise to make a mental note or an actual note somewhere to remember if they ever told you something they would love.

          Here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision: 

          Consider their preferences 

          The best way to choose a gift that will make your loved one happy is to consider their preferences and tastes. Think about what kind of products they like to use, what kind of hair type they have, and what kind of style they have. You can also look at their existing collection of beauty and hair products, and see what brands they prefer. This will help you narrow down your options and find something that will match your personality and needs.

          Do some research 

          If you’re not sure about their preferences, or you want to surprise them with something new, you can do some research and find out more about the products they may be interested in. You can read reviews, read our blogs and browse Salon Trusted. 

          Buy a gift pack

          The ultimate gift is to give them gift packs that are readymade from the different brands they love. It’s easier, better, and makes for a great gift since they will be receiving a pack that is filled with all the products they already use and from a brand they already love. 

          Here are a few suggestions from Salon Trusted: 

          • Matrix Total Results Pack
            These gift packs available are Instacure and Keep Me Vivid, both come with Miracle Creator.
          • Matrix Biolage Gift set
            These gift packs available are ColorLast, Hydrasource, and Strength Recovery. All come in a drawstring bag.
          • Wella Gift Packs
            The gift packs available are Brilliance, Nutri Enrich, Fusion, and Motion. Apart from these, you can browse other great products from Wella.
          • L’Oreal Serie Expert Packs
            The gift packs available are Absolute Repair, Vitamino Color, Scalp Advanced Anti Discomfort, Curl Expression Moisturising, and Metal Detox. You may also choose from a wide variety of products from L’Oreal. 

          ‘We Love You’ Selective Professional Gift Boxes

          Selective Professional OnCare range is getting a makeover this Valentine’s Day! Feel the love as the range transforms into the perfect gift sets in Smoothing, Daily, and Repair packs. Each pack is a gesture of affection, designed to pamper your hair with the care it deserves. Whether you’re seeking a sleek finish, daily nourishment, or repair for damaged locks, these curated gifts offer a little extra love for every hair type. 

          Love Your Curls This Valentine’s 

          Have curly hair and still struggling to find the perfect curl range for your hair? Look no further than Matrix’s Curl Can Dream range – the ultimate solution for your coils and curls! Infused with the goodness of Manuka Honey Extract, these products provide a luxurious moisture boost, addressing the perpetual struggle for the perfect curl products. Not only do these products hydrate, but they also enhance definition and keep your curls feeling soft. Elevate your curl routine by introducing the new Curl Can Dream Lightweight Oil, designed to impart moisture and add shine. Matrix has crafted the perfect finisher for your curls, ensuring they shine and feel irresistibly soft!

          And what’s better is you can buy the new oil in a Curl Can Dream bundle – featuring the oil, shampoo, and conditioning mask. Perfectly paired for enhanced results! 

          The Best Beauty and Hair Gifts for Her 

          If you’re looking for a gift for a woman who loves to look and feel fabulous, you can’t go wrong with a beauty or hair product that will enhance her natural beauty and make her glow. Whether it’s a skincare set or a trendy hair tool, you’ll find something that will make her smile!

          Trendy hair tools 

          A hair tool is a great gift for a woman who likes to experiment with different hairstyles and express her creativity. A hair tool can help her achieve salon-quality results at home, and save her time and money. You can choose from a range of hair products and tools from professional brands like Selective Professional, Hur Hair, and more from Salon Trusted. These tools include hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, brushes, and more, that are designed to deliver high performance, durability, and ease of use. 

          The Best Beauty and Hair Gifts for Him 

          If you’re looking for a gift for a man who likes to groom himself and look sharp, you can surprise him with a beauty or hair product that will boost his confidence and style. Whether it’s a sophisticated fragrance, a quality shaving kit, or a stylish hair clipper, you’ll find something that will impress him and show him how much you care.

          High-quality shaving products 

          A shaving gift pack is a practical and useful gift that can show your appreciation and care for your loved one. Enhance his grooming with a shaving kit, ensuring a smooth, comfortable experience for a clean and polished look. You can choose from a variety of shaving products from professional brands available on Salon Trusted. These include products like razors,shaving creams and more, that are formulated with high-quality ingredients and exquisite craftsmanship.

          How to Make Giving a Gift to Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day Memorable 

          Celebrate love on Valentine’s Day with a meaningful gift, expressing affection and commemorating your relationship.But how do you make it more memorable and fun? 

          Here are some ideas to make your gift-giving experience unforgettable: 

          Create a scavenger hunt 

          A scavenger hunt is a fun and exciting way to surprise your loved one with your gift. You can hide your gift somewhere meaningful to you and your partner and leave clues for them to find it. 

          Plan a romantic date 

          Cherish and express love by sharing a romantic date, showcasing affection and appreciation.. Craft a personalized date aligning with their interests: candlelit dinner, movie night, picnic, or spa day. Enhance the special moment with personal touches like music, favourite food, or a heartfelt love letter.

          For Your Love, With Love – Forever Love! 

          We hope you enjoyed our guide to Valentine’s Day beauty gifts and found some inspiration and ideas for your gift-giving. Express love on Valentine’s Day with a thoughtful, personalized gift, fostering appreciation and strengthening emotional bonds. Still looking for more inspo head over to our Pinterest @salontrusted for more!

          Salon Trusted is devoted to delivering top-quality beauty and hair products with exceptional service. We want to help you make your gift-giving experience easy, fun, and unforgettable. So, don’t wait any longer, and order your Valentine’s Day beauty gift and a hair gift from Salon Trusted today. Explore diverse, top-brand products at budget-friendly prices with fast free delivery on orders over £25.

          What are you waiting for? Shop now and make this Valentine’s Day the best one ever. 💕


          Salon Trusted’s Guide on how to make hair colour last longer on grey hair

          If you are someone who touches up their grey hair with colour, you can easily understand how frustrating it can be when the shade starts to fade or when your roots start to show. Everyone who touches up their grey hair wants the hair colour to look vibrant, fresh, and popping for as long as possible. If you are unwilling to spend too much time, effort, and money on frequent salon visits, then Salon Trusted can guide you on how to make your hair colour last longer. Here, we will share tips on how to extend hair colour before revisiting the salon, how to make hair colour last longer on grey hair, and how to touch up hair at home – all the while using hair colour products available at Salon Trusted.

          Tips on Extending Hair Colour Before Another Salon Visit 

          One of the best ways to make the hair colour last longer is to take good care of it before and after you colour it. Here are a few tips that can help you in the before and the after of the hair colour application: 

          • Remove Buildup 

          Always use a clarifying shampoo before you start the hair colour process. For scalps that are oily and for scalps that can have dirt or buildup of any sort, the hair colour will be affected. So clear your scalp for the hair colour to penetrate properly. 

          • Wait 24 Hours 

          After you colour your hair, it is better to wait 24 hours before rewashing it. This will give the colour time to settle in and bond with the hair. And when you do wash your hair, go for a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner that is gentle. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is specialised for hair colour. 

          • Avoid Frequent Washing 

          Frequent shampoo use and washing can strip away the natural oils and hair colour. As a general rule of thumb, simply wash your hair less frequently. Go for every other day, or every third day, or even once a week. If your hair becomes oily or looks greasy, use a dry shampoo to absorb excess moisture. 

          • Rinse with Cold Water 

          Hot water can open up the cuticles and that allows the colour to be washed out faster. So always rinse your hair with luke warm or cold water. This will help the colour stay locked in the hair. 

          • Protect from the Sun 

          Direct sunlight and its harmful UV rays can damage the hair colour making it fade faster than usual. Prevent this by wearing a stylish hat when you go out. If that accessory doesn’t go with your style, use a UV-protective spray whenever you walk out in the sun. 

          • Use Colour-Safe Hair Products 

          Always, and we mean always, use hair products that are colour-safe and designed to work well on colour-treated hair. Regular shampoos and conditioners can strip away the colour very easily. Find the right shampoo and conditioner that matches your shade and go for it. 

          • Avoid Heat Styling 

          Excessive heat from styling tools like flat irons and curling wands can cause your hair colour to fade faster. Minimise heat styling or use a heat protectant spray before styling. 

          How to Make Hair Colour Last Longer on Grey Hair 

          Keep in mind that grey hair is more resistant and is easily faded and also harder to colour. Here are a few tips on enhancing your grey hair with hair colour that lasts longer:

          • Go Full Cover 

          The type of hair colour product you use will determine how much grey you can cover and how long it will last. For the best results, choose a permanent colour, and even a semi-permanent colour too that gives 100% grey coverage.

          • Use Spray or Powder 

          Use a root touch-up spray or powder. If you don’t want to commit to a full-colour service or you just need a quick fix between salon visits, you can use a temporary root touch-up spray or powder that will wash out in one shampoo. These products are easy to apply and can cover greys instantly without damaging your hair.

          • Pre-Treat Your Hair 

          Before applying the hair dye, use a pre-treatment hair product that helps seal the cuticles and prepares your hair for better dye absorption. This will also save the health of your hair and allow the dye to work efficiently. 

          • Choose Permanent or Demi-Permanent Dye 

          Permanent or demi-permanent dyes are better suited for grey hair as they provide longer-lasting coverage compared to semi-permanent dyes. But semi-permanent dyes are better for a quick fix. 

          • Use the Power of Cool Tones 

          Since the grey hair often has a yellowish tint, choosing a cool tone colour such as ash blonde or platinum can help neutralise the yellow undertones. This will naturally make the colour last longer 

          These can be used to add a pop of colour to your hair. 

          • Deep Condition Regularly 

          Grey hair tends to be brittle and drier than normal hair. So deep condition it regularly to keep it hydrated and prevent unnecessary breakage. 

          Touching Up Hair Colour at Home During Winter 

          Winter can be harsh on your coloured hair, as the cold weather, indoor heating, and dry air can make it brittle, dull, and prone to breakage. To keep your hair colour looking fresh and healthy during winter, you may want to touch it up at home using any of the wide range of products available at Salon Trusted. 

          Here are some tips on how to do it safely and effectively: 

          • Choose the Right Shade 

          Select a touch-up hair colour product that matches your current shade or is one shade lighter if you want a subtle change. This way, when you do the touch-up, it would seem natural. 

          • Do a Strand Test 

          Before application, it’s important to do a patch test behind your ear to check for any possible allergies. Also do the strand test to see how the colour will look once it’s done, and to understand how long you need to leave it on. 

          • Use the Right Tools 

          Almost all at-home colours will come with all the required tools you will need for the application, straight from the box. These may include gloves, applicator, and instructions. You will have to use extra tools such as a bowl, brush, clips, comb, etc. Feel free to shop for them on Salon Trusted.  

          • Follow the Instructions 

          Please read the instructions carefully before starting, and follow them as directed. Do not skip any step and don’t leave the colour longer than recommended. Any mishap in this can result in over-processed or uneven hair, damaging your hair. 

          • Section Your Hair 

          Make sure you section your hair using clips or elastics. This will ensure an even application of hair colour. It is always better to start off with sections that need more work, and slowly make your way to strands that only require a light touch-up. 

          • Apply to Roots Only 

          If you are touching up only the roots, don’t apply the hair colour to the rest of the hair to avoid overdoing and overlapping. Apply the colour to the exposed roots and hairline only, with a brush or a bottle applicator. With liquid colours, feather it down with a comb to produce a smooth transition. With spray colour, spray it 4 to 6 inches away from your hair and spray back and forth till the grey is covered. 

          • Leave it On

          Follow the exact instructions on the packaging box or leaflet when it comes to leaving it on. Don’t leave it on for less than the recommended time as it will create uneven results. Also, don’t leave it on for longer than recommended as it will damage the hair. 

          • Rinse and Treat 

          After leaving the colour on for the recommended time, rinse it out thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Then, apply a conditioner or a treatment that comes with the colour or use your own favourite product. This will help seal the cuticles, add moisture, and enhance the shine of your hair. 

          Salon Trusted’s Touch-Up Hair Colour Products for Grey Hair 

          Here are some of our best recommendations for hair colour cover-ups and touch-ups that work perfectly for grey hair. All of these are available on our website, Here’s the list: 

          L’Oreal Professional Hair Touch-Up Root Spray

          Are your greys getting you down between your colour appointments? You are not the only one! Try Hair Touch Up, our temporary root Touch Up spray to cover grey hair. Here are the options you can choose from ranging from Black to Warm Blonde.

          Color Wow Root Cover-Up 

          Instantly cover those grey roots until your next salon visit! Also great for thickening and perfecting thinning hairlines. With colour options ranging from black to platinum.

          Infuse My. colour Hair Colour Products 

          This collection has a wide range of shampoo bars, shampoos, and conditioners to suit your hair colour or and something extra. With their shampoo and conditioner range having colours such as ruby, quartz and cobalt. Browse through the collection and select the ones that suit your needs. 

          These tips will help you make the hair colour on your grey hair last longer and look fabulous. Remember, you can always visit the Salon Trusted website to find the right touch-up hair colour products.

          Please note that while touching up your hair colour at home can be convenient, it’s always best to consult a professional stylist for major changes or complex techniques. This blog is intended for informational purposes only and should not replace professional advice from a qualified hair stylist who understands your hair better.


          How to Choose the Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Brands in the UK

          Have you ever wondered how to buy vegan and cruelty-free skincare, beauty and hair products? Do you want products from brands that are kind to animals and great for the planet? In this blog, we list down how you can buy the best vegan, cruelty-free skincare in the UK, as well as hair and beauty products. Whether you are a dedicated vegan, just curious about plant-based beauty, or a flexitarian, the following tips and recommendations will help you shop smarter and greener. 

          What to Look for When Buying Cruelty-Free Beauty Products 

          Cruelty-free beauty products means all products that have not been tested on animals at any stage of their production. This holds true for the brand you are buying from as well as third parties that may have collaborated with the brand. As this is highly unethical and unnecessary too since there are now so many alternative methods of testing products and making them safe and reliable. 

          However, cruelty-free and vegan are not entirely the same, as some cruelty-free products may contain animal-derived products such as beeswax. honey, lanolin or carmina. To make sure you’re buying a 100% vegan beauty product in the UK, always look for the certifications and labels from the following authorities: 

          • The Leaping Bunny logo
            This is the most recognised and trusted cruelty-free certification in the world, administered by Cruelty-Free International. It guarantees that no animal testing has been done on the finished product or any of its ingredients, by the brand or its suppliers, anywhere in the world. 
          • The Vegan Society logo

          This is the oldest and most respected vegan certification in the UK. It ensures that no animal ingredients or by-products are used in the product or its manufacturing process and that no animal testing has been done by the brand or its suppliers. 

          • The PETA logo

          This widely recognised cruelty-free and vegan certification is issued by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It verifies that no animal testing has been done on the product or its ingredients by the brand or its suppliers and that no animal-derived ingredients are used. 

          Additionally, you may visit the brand’s website to check out its official stance on animal testing. Almost all brands that are vegan or cruelty-free, or both have dedicated web pages to show their commitment. If you cannot find a clear stance on animal testing or being vegan, it is safer to avoid that brand altogether. 

          Tips on Buying Cruelty-Free Hair Products 

          For hair care, you may think that it is hard to find vegan and cruelty-free products, but that is not true at all. There are now numerous brands that offer high-quality hair products that are free from all kinds of animal products, and these are not tested on animals either. Here’s how you can find the best vegan and cruelty-free hair products that are suitable for your hair type: 

          • Check the ingredients

          Avoid hair products that contain biotin, silk amino acids, collagen, elastin, or keratin. All of these are usually derived from animals. Instead, look for plant-based or synthetic alternatives that give you the same nourishment and strengthen your hair without harming any living soul. 

          • Shop online for vegan, cruelty-free hair products

          One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find vegan and cruelty-free hair products is to do a simple search on the internet. Sometimes you will end up finding brands that only sell vegan and cruelty-free products. You can also visit online beauty stores such as Salon Trusted. Just filter your search by hair type, product type, and select ‘vegan’ and ‘cruelty-free’.

          • Ask your local salons

          The next time you go to your local salon, ask them to use vegan and cruelty-free products on you. Ask them where to buy these products. They will be happy to recommend products and may even earn commission through affiliate programs. 

          Ingredients to Avoid and Ingredients to Look for 

          When buying vegan and cruelty-free products, it’s important to look for products that are free from animal-derived ingredients. 

          Some common animal-derived ingredients found in hair products include:

          • Keratin
          • Collagen
          • Beeswax
          • Honey

          Instead, look for products that contain plant-based ingredients such as:

          • Coconut oil
          • Argan oil
          • Jojoba oil
          • Shea butter

          Salon Trusted’s List of Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare in the UK and Hair Products 

          Here we list down some of the best vegan and cruelty-free brands on our website. We support your choice and want you to look fabulous at the same time. Here you go: 

          We hope this guide helped you understand how to find the best quality vegan, cruelty-free skincare in the UK. Visit Salon Trusted to find the best products that help you stay cleaner, greener, and always shining. Happy shopping!


          Salon Trusted’s Guide to Seasonal Hair and Beauty Trends for 2024

          As we bid adieu to 2023 and welcome 2024, it’s time to refresh our hair and beauty game. From the latest hair and beauty trends to the must-have products, we discuss everything. So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and let us dive into the world of beauty! In this blog, we will be discussing what stylists think will be considered chic next year.

          Here’s Salon Trusted‘s guide to a beautiful 2024: 

          Top Hair Trends for 2024 

          In 2023, numerous hair trends made headlines, from chunky highlights to Bridgerton-inspired romantic braids and curls, Y2K-inspired frosted tips, edgy cuts, and grungy dark colours.

          It’s predicted that the next year will see the rise of several new hair and beauty trends. So here are a few top trends: 

          1. The Baroque Bob 

          It is a modern take on the classic ’50s haircut, inspired by the opulent and voluminous curls of the Baroque era. This style works for all hair types and lengths and can be achieved with a curling wand, texture spray, and hairspray. 

          1. Elevated Updos 

          These are sophisticated and elegant hairstyles suitable for special occasions. The trend focuses on adding a touch of nature and understated glamour to the hair, with accessories like pearls, flowers, ribbons, or clips. You can also play with texture and tendrils (curls) to create a more relaxed and romantic vibe. 

          1. Checkerboard Hair 

          This is all about having fun with hair colour. This trend involves alternating two-toned, colour-blocked looks on either side of the parting. It’s a fun look and an evolved version of the E-girl trend. 

          1. The 90s Layers 

          This look remains popular. Think of long layers and curtain bangs with soft, textured edges paired with a bouncy blowout, as well as adding a big bow or pearly hair accessory to make the look feel elegant and luxurious. 

          1. Bespoke Extensions 

          These are custom-made hair extensions tailored to your hair type, colour, and texture. They add volume and length to your hair without damaging it. 

          1. Mega Volume 

          It is all about making a statement with big hair achieved through blowouts, teasing, and volumising products. 

          1. Lived-In Locks 

          It’s a low-maintenance style that embraces natural hair texture. Think beachy waves, messy buns, and tousled locks. 

          Top Beauty Trends for 2024 

          The beauty industry is constantly changing, and 2023 was no exception. We saw lots of new trends that were both innovative and exciting, from achieving sculpted complexions to new beauty studios to visit. From new ingredients and formulations to new concepts and aesthetics, there’s much to look forward to in the beauty world. As we move into 2024, we can expect to see a continuation of this trend with a few new twists. 

          Here are some of the hair and beauty trends that will make a splash in 2024: 

          1. Sustainable Beauty 

          Sustainable beauty involves using products that are good for your skin and the environment. It means using natural and organic ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals. 

          1. Glowing Skin 

          It’s a trend never goes out of style. It is all about using products that give your skin a healthy, radiant glow. Think illuminating primers, highlighters, and moisturisers to give you the perfect glow from within look. Using the right skincare products and masks can also give you a glowing look to the skin. 

          1. Aura Beauty 

          This trend combines spirituality and ancestral ingredients to create a holistic and harmonious approach to beauty. It’s about using natural and organic products that have a positive impact on the body, mind, and soul, as well as the environment. It’s also about tapping into the energy and vibrations of different colours, crystals, and plants to enhance one’s aura and mood. 

          Top Hair and Beauty Brands for 2024 on Salon Trusted 

          Here’s a list of some of the renowned brands on our website that offer the best hair and beauty products. 

          Get them from our online store and stylise your 2024: 

          Image of Color Wow Brand Logo to find top products to get the look on hair and beauty trends
          Image of Matrix brand logo to find top products to get the look on hair and beauty trends
          Image of Leyton House brand logo to find top products to get the look on hair and beauty trends

          Walk into 2024 with style 

          I hope you enjoyed this guide to the seasonal hair and beauty trends for 2024. So if you want to shop for any of the products mentioned in this article, or discover more amazing products from professional and trusted brands, head over to, the leading supplier of professional hair and beauty supplies online in the UK.

          Also be sure to checkout our Pinterest @salontrusted for some hair and beauty trend for next year and some hair inspo!

          And remember, beauty is about feeling good in your skin and expressing your unique style. So, here’s to a beautiful 2024, filled with fabulous hair, glowing skin, and most importantly, a whole lot of self-love.

          Cheers, and happy shopping!


          Salon Trusted’s Christmas Gift Guide

          The Christmas season is here and we know it’s all about pampering yourself and your loved ones. So, if you’re looking for the best hair and beauty products, Salon Trusted has you covered with our Christmas Gift Guide. It’s the place to shop, where you can browse through some of the best Christmas 2023 gift ideas for the entire family, especially those who love hair and beauty! 

          Why should you buy the gift from us? It’s simple. We care about finding the best presents for your friends and family, and of course, yourself. We know how tiresome it is to find the right gift for everyone, so, we have cut down the research part for you. Simply browse through our endless options and you will surely find the right gift.

          We have again created the ultimate Christmas gift guide for hair and beauty lovers of all ages. Explore our gift collection and find the right gift here; 2023 Christmas Gifts for the Family by

          As always, this guide will help you find truly original, unique and high-quality hair and beauty products. The women, men, kids, or anyone in between, in your life will love and appreciate your gifts. Plus, if you see something you would like for yourself, there’s no harm in dropping a subtle hint or two by sharing this guide with others or adding to your Wishlist!

          We must also remind you that you get FREE Delivery on orders £25 or more, so to save a little extra on the shipping of your products you can pick up a little extra something even for yourself. Be sure to take a look at our fantastic selection of Stocking Fillers that are all perfect for adding to a gift or keeping as a lovely treat!

          Please note that orders must be placed before the 18th December (Highlands & Islands) or 19th December (Mainland) so you get your gift delivered to you before Christmas 2023.

          Christmas Gift Packs

          Discover a festive array of gift packs tailored for every hair type, ensuring the ideal present for your loved ones. With a variety of options, whether it be for styling hair, for the one who loves to colour their hair or simply just for someone in need of a little pampering, it will be easy to find the perfect gift this holiday season. See below to find some of the packs we have to offer at Salon Trusted!

          1. Matrix Total Results Pack 2023 Explore ideal gift packs like A Curl Can Dream, So Silver, and Keep Me Vivid. Each includes a Miracle Creator styling spray for nourished, shiny locks.
          2. Matrix Biolage Giftset Available in Colorlast, Hydrasource and Strength Recovery. Neatly packaged in a reusable wash bag. Enjoy a 20% discount for vibrant gifting!
          3. Wella Gift Packs Perfect for those seeking their favourite Wella products bundled in a convenient and delightful package.
          4. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Xmas Gift Bag Gift Pack fanatics get ready for a winter of moisture, colour protection and replenished hair!

          Stocking Fillers

          Salon Trusted Stocking Filler Gift Guide

          Our Christmas Stocking Fillers, will surely put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Be sure to browse through the entirety of it as you will easily find something that your loved ones fancy.

          Containing little bits and bobs from brands such as Mad Beauty and Invisibobble, these can also be made for the perfect Secret Santa gifts or included in a specially made hamper.

          1. Leyton House 6-in-1 Treatment
          2. Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell
          3. Invisibobble Good Things Come in Trees Set
          4. Invisibobble It’s A Winterful Life Set
          5. Tangle Teezer Mini Ultimate Detangler

          The products we have selected here are some of our biggest sellers, with the majority of items in the category under £15 which makes them for fantastic extras under the tree! Click the links below to take you there:

          1. MAD Beauty Gnome Matter What Cosmetic Bag
          2. Insight Mini Travel Duo Packs
          3. Color Wow Mini Money Masque
          4. Cuccio Polish – I Wonder Where
          5. MAD Beauty FabYuleOus Sleep Mask and Scrunchie Set
          6. Color Wow Mini Raise The Root
          Salon Trusted Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

          Gifts For Him

          Salon Trusted Mens Products Gift Guide

          We know that sometimes it’s not easy to pick the right gift for your man, but in Salon Trusted’s Christmas ‘Gifts for Him’ category, you will surely find inspiration and the right gifts. For starters, we have shiny metallic clippers, trimmers and men’s grooming sets! Not to forget, there are full ranges for men’s hair and skincare available also.

          1. Wahl Grooming Tools Travel Foil Shaver in Tin
          2. Babyliss Cordless Super Motor Clipper & Trimmer Duo Set
          3. Dark Stag Sea Salt Spray
          4. Pashana Blue Orchid Friction Lotion
          5. Insight Man – Emollient Shave and Face Cream

          Styling Tools

          Get the best quality hair electrical gadgets to gift to your loved ones, so, here are a few of our best-sellers from this category that will make for great gifts. These products will be sure to give you salon-like styles in no time!

          1. Crewe Lim Travel Dryer and Vent Brush
          2. Futaria 4-in-1 Air Styler – White
          3. Gamma Piu Korner Curling Bar
          4. Babyliss Pro Keratin Lustre Hair Dryer
          Salon Trusted Styling Tools Gift Guide

          Have a Merry Christmas! 

          That wraps up our extensive Salon Trusted Christmas Gift Guide for 2023 with gift ideas, packs, and boxes. We are taking away your worries this Christmas and helping you find the best Christmas gifts for lovers of beauty and hair. Our selection of gifts is diverse, so no matter who you are or what you like, you will surely end up buying gifts for your loved ones from our Salon Trusted website. Feel free to find everything Christmas right here and to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

          If there is a product on our website you haven’t tried yet, you can always send a subtle hint by forwarding this Christmas Gift Guide to someone else, or taking a screenshot of the product or category, or of Salon Trusted. 

          Merry Christmas to you in advance, and happy shopping!