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Handy Gift Guide for Mother’s Day 2023 from Salon Trusted.

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! We are presenting you with the only gift guide you need this year to show your appreciation for the extraordinary women in your life. We are packing the list with some of our best-selling, top-rated and loved products that will say how much your mother means to you. So be it your mum, grandma or mother-in-law, Salon Trusted has the perfect selection of beauty and care products to make them feel loved, appreciated and pampered. Let your mother feel and look her best this year. 

You can pick a gift of your choice from our hand-selected Mother’s Day gifts ideal for the occasion. Or better yet, feel free to browse through our entire Salon Trusted website and find whatever fits your idea of a perfect gift for your mother.

As an extra special gift to help you choose the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, we are offering a 15% discount code. This will run for the full week in the run-up to Mother’s Day. Find this discount active from 13-19th March using the discount code: MUM15 at checkout.

Here is our gift guide for Mother’s Day: 

Our Hand-Selected and Top-Rated Recommendations are:

These are the best of the best products on Salon Trusted with numerous customers buying these items all through the year. Check them out: 

This fantastic wand features a ceramic-coated 38mm oval barrel with 25 temperature settings up to 200°C. It has fast heat-up and recovery. It has an auto shut-off and a heat protection finger shield. It comes with a heat mat and a salon-professional 2.7m swivel cord.  Click the product title to see more details.

It has innovative noise-reduction brushless motor technology with anti-static ionic conditioning technology to eliminate frizz. It varies temperature control between 40°-120° and comes with 3 wind speeds. It also features heat balance technology and is ultra-lightweight weighing less than a pound.  Click the product title to see more details.

This is one of our best-selling items, each item in this fantastic duo is excellent as a single product, pair them together and it’s a match made in heaven! The Colour Wow Dream Coat Hair care spray is a must have for any mum! This due set gives you a 200ml and a handy 50ml bottle that is guaranteed to give you salon-like smooth and silky hair from the comfort of your own home! Not only is it a fantastic hair treatment to nourish each strand, it helps with volume, smoothness, and shine, it is also an anti-humidity hair spray, which helps to protect the hair and aids styling. Click the product title to see more details.

This popular curler by Babyliss has a ceramic curl chamber for smooth curls and comes with a fully automatic curl management system. It features 3 Heat settings at  230˚C, 200˚C and 180˚C. It heats up ultra-fast and has instant heat recovery.  Click the product title to see more details.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas By Category 

Make your browsing easier and find the best gift for Mother’s Day in one of our categories. Your mother may have mentioned or hinted at a specific product she may have wanted. Browse through our product categories and find a gift worthy of your mother. Check these out: 

Top Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts

We understand that you may be looking for something affordable for a Mother’s Day gift. Don’t worry, Salon Trusted has picked out some of our most affordable items that you can gift this year. Check them out here: 

  • The Foamie Face Bar collection
    Take a look around the Foamie Face Bars that come in all skin types and even for acne-prone skin. The variations for this face bar are Rose Oil and Vitamin B3, Tree Tea and Salicylic Acid, Charcoal and Aloe Vera. 
  • Skin Republic face masks

These affordable Mother’s Day gifts are face masks by Skin Republic that come in 15 different variations for you to choose from. Do your research first and find the best ones for your mother. Or simply buy her a collection she can use at her own ease. 

Choose between the Color Brilliance gift set and the Nutri Enrich gift set. Or why not buy her both?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget 

If you are shopping for the best Mother’s Day gift on a budget, you can choose one from these budget-friendly categories on our website. It includes everything from nail care to makeup, skincare, fragrances, bath and body. Any one of these or a combination of a few would make the perfect gift.

Check out our dedicated Mother’s Day Gift Guide to choose from over 50 products from different categories. We suggest irons, dryers, curlers, Just My Type Boxes, and even affordable pamper items from the Skin Republic and Foamie range.

Use the 15% discount code MUM15 at checkout from 13-19th March on our Salon Trusted website.

Whatever you decide to buy, we hope you make your mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-in-law feel like the best woman on the planet. 

Have a great Mother’s Day!