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Tips To Solve Dry Skin In Winter

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin in Winter

Winter is well and truly here! Some love it, some hate it! It’s fair to say there will be just as many people who love the winter as those people who don’t. Those among us who are not keen on this time year have their reasons, a common reason is that the colder weather affects our skin! it is mostly people who start getting dry skin in the winter that tend to dislike the colder months as the temperatures drop, there is less moisture in the air and the skin reacts to being exposed to colder temperatures. This is something we can easily remedy with a few helpful tips.

At Salon Trusted, we care about you your hair, your skin and your welfare. So with that in mind, to help you out we’ve curated a small list of things that can be used as dry skin solutions for everyone suffering from coarse texture or itchiness, particularly in these colder months. This way you can have glowing skin all year round and don’t need to shy away from the colder temperatures.

Apart from using the best moisturiser for dry skin, here’s what you can do:

1.  Moisturise frequently

First and foremost, use a thick, emollient-rich best moisturiser for dry skin. Use it multiple times a day especially after taking a shower or taking a bath. From our own inventory, we suggest the Foamie Body Butter Stick – Coconut and Cacao. This is a body butter that comes in a new form which is a plastic-free stick. It is perfect for use at home or even when you want to moisturise on the go.

Talking more about the best moisturiser for winter, we present to you the He-Shi Souffle Moisturiser. This is made using the finest and skin-friendly vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Both of these products will keep your skin hydrated and protect it from damage during chilly drafts.

2.  Use lukewarm water

In the winter, to avoid dry skin, you should avoid extremely hot showers. Yes, they may be soothing and comforting in extreme cold, but these showers can strip your skin of natural oils. If you are already experiencing dry skin, a hot shower will worsen the dryness. So it is better to use warm water instead of hot water (think of the cost savings by turning your shower down a few degrees! In the current climate your skin and your purse strings would be grateful of the change in temperature).

However, if hot showers are your ‘thing’, then just remember to moisturise your body once you are out of the shower. It will help you rejuvenate your skin and let it stay soft and silky.

3.  Gently exfoliate

Using a scrub or an exfoliating tool in the winter may seem cumbersome, but by using these, you can get rid of dead skin cells. Your moisturiser will work wonders with the dead skin cells removed so it is worth doing. Another tip from us is to always ensure that the moisturiser you are using is good for your skin type. There are multiple exfoliating products on our website. You can browse through them to find the perfect one for your skin. Here are a few that you can use, Foamie Exfoliating Shower Bar with Shea Butter and Apricot Seeds, He-Shi Mini Exfoliating Body Wash, Simple THE Gentle Exfoliator, and more in our store.

4.  Humidify your home

Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air as it can help you prevent dry skin. There are numerous portable and room-sized humidifiers that you can find at any electronics store near you. Humidifiers will keep the moisture content in your environment healthy enough for your skin to be naturally hydrated. It will also promote the skin to produce the necessary oil to keep it smooth and naturally moisturised. Portable humidifiers are now commonly used in countries that experience extremely cold winters.

5.  Use gentle products

Another way to stop your skin from drying in the winter is to use gentle products. The number one rule is to avoid any product that contains alcohol or other harsh ingredients. Since the pandemic, we have been accustomed to using hand sanitisers frequently. In case you live in an area where there is a health risk and sanitiser use is imminent, always moisturise your hands if you use it excessively. Another rule of thumb for buying the right products is to buy skincare products that have natural and organic ingredients.

6.  Stay hydrated

During the winters, it is common to stop drinking enough water. By regularly drinking water, you can keep yourself hydrated enough for your skin to produce the necessary oils for protection. If you are too busy to remember to drink water, you can always use an app to remind you or buy a smart water bottle that beeps at intervals to remind you. You can also eat food that is high in water content as it will keep you hydrated inside and out.

7.  Protect your skin from the cold

Layer up! During the winters, cover up exposed skin when you are going outside in the cold weather. This will help you prevent windburn and other forms of cold weather-related dryness. The face and the hands are the most sensitive and the most exposed parts of our body that take the biggest hit. Use the right moisturiser and cover your face and hands to keep them protected from cold winds. You can get creative with your face masks and gloves and match them with your outfit to look hip and at the same time, protect yourself.

8.  Consult a dermatologist

If you have severely dry skin that doesn’t improve with any of the abovementioned tips, then unfortunately it may time for you to consult a dermatologist. They can examine your skin and tell you if you need to concern yourself or if it is something that is easily treated. Either way be sure to get the right treatment and the right medication to avoid damaging your skin. Be your own friend and treat yourself with care and respect.

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