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Boost Your Hair Health in Time for World Health Day

Boost Your Hair Health in Time for World Health Day

Almost all of us battle with hair damage, breakage, and frizz – from overusing heat styling tools, the harsh chemicals from hair dye, or even just everyday life like the cold, heat, humidity and pollution. World Health Day (April 7th) is not only an important occasion to focus on the health of your body but your hair as well. In fact, there’s no better time to start sharpening up on your hair care routine and get the healthiest hair of your life with Salon Trusted. Keep reading as we break down our top tips for happy, healthy hair so you’re glowing inside and out in time for World Health Day.

Turn Down the Heat!

We’ve all been there. Running out of time to get ready and you run for the hair straighteners for your quick hair fix. But if a shiny mane is what you’re after, remembering to add a good heat protectant can be a life saver! The  Leyton House Heat Protect Spray is not only a saviour when protecting your hair before heat styling, but its breakthrough formula keeps unwanted frizz at bay, prevents hair fall and breakage, and is a wonder for all hair types.

Want to avoid the heat all together? You can even opt for a heat-free hairstyle using Invisibobble’s Hair Halo – a comfortable, durable headband that won’t crease your hair and is not only a perfect pop of colour but helps to keep hair kink-free, prevents breakage whilst your hair dries naturally.

Know Your Hair Type

Don’t just settle for the first shampoo you see. Whether its straight, curly, wavy or kinky –  there are products out there made for your particular hair type which can help give your hair the love and attention it deserves. The Insight range of shampoos have a product for everything, from the Insight Dry Hair- Nourishing Shampoo for those with dry frizzy hair, to the Insight Sensitive- Sensitive Skin Shampoo – you’re sure to find one for your hair needs!

Rethink the Way You Wash Your Hair

We all like to have clean, healthy hair but sometimes over washing can do more harm than good. Shampooing everyday can seriously dry out your scalp and cause hair damage. The best way to keep your hair clean is to wash your hair every few days and if you still need a refresh use dry shampoo to absorb extra oils and not weight down the hair with excessive washing. Our favourite for a fresh fix is Total Results High Amplify Dry Shampoo which helps to absorb oil, refresh hair and give your hair volume.

Say Hello to Hair Masks

Sometimes damage is inevitable no matter how hard you try to prevent it, but not to worry.

Hair Masks are number one when it comes to battling damage and promoting healthy hair. A moisturising hair mask can not only help to condition and help with shine, but it can reverse some of the damage done to the ends of your hair where the first signs of damage shows (you know, those dreaded split ends!). Our personal favourite for damage repair are the Biolage Deep Treatment & Detangle Duos which helps to restore moisture and bring damaged hair back to its healthy state. Choose from either Recover, Fiberstrong, or Hydrasource  to get your tresses back to tip top condition.

Detangle, Don’t Rip!

Whenever you are brushing your hair be careful to not put strain on your hair strands and rip the hair from the scalp. Start in small sections, working from the ends of the hair to detangle and reduce breakage. The Tangle Teezers range are made for keeping your locks tangle free. They offer a range of brushes for different hair types all aimed at leaving your hair soft and knot free without the snagging which makes detangling easy and less painful. The unique and ergonomic shape of the Tangle Teezer fits in your hand perfectly to help glide through the hair with no pulling or yanking – leaving your hair smooth and damage free.

Incorporate some of these top tips into your daily hair care routine and say goodbye to dry frizzy hair and hello to softer and sleeker locks! For more information or more handy hips, get in touch with our friendly team today.