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7 Summer Hair Issues Solved 

7 Summer Hair Issues Solved

As we move into the summer months, heat and humidity can create serious problems for our hair and leave it looking and feeling much less than perfect. Read our new blog on our top picks for the products that can solve your summer hair issues and prevent any hair nightmares this new season. 

Frizzy hair 

Frizz is undoubtedly one of the biggest hair issues when summer rolls around, with the summer heat and humidity being known to cause havoc. To combat this, we recommend the Insight Anti Frizz Hydrating Mask which will reduce frizz by intensely moisturising your hair’s fibres, leaving your hair looking and feeling silky and smooth. Enriched with mineral oils, the hydrating mask will nourish and repair hair from the roots to the ends, creating stronger and healthier hair. 

Split ends and breakage 

Although breakage and split ends can occur all year round, the summer months undoubtedly put extra stress on hair and leave it more vulnerable to damage. Our top pick is the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment 200ml, which will condition and moisturise your hair, repairing its inner structure and surface to fight breakage and split ends, leaving you with only smooth and healthy hair this summer.  

Greasy hair 

The heightened humidity and heat associated with the summer months can leave your hair feeling dirty and greasy. To help avoid this summer hair issue we recommend the Hairdo Dry Shampoo which is expertly formulated to give you a fresher and cleaner hair and scalp, whilst instantly removing grease. This dry shampoo provides immediate freshness and volume, without leaving any residue or greyness, giving you one less thing to worry about this summer. 

Dry hair 

Dry hair is another of the most common hair issues as summer comes around, as the sun becomes more intense we often see our hair dry out and become brittle and damaged. Use the Total Results Moisture Me Rich Shampoo to replenish and cleanse each layer of your hair leaving it soft and radiant. The nourishing shampoo is rich in apricot oil extracts and will help replenish dry hair and add intense moisture creating smooth, luscious, and silky hair. 

Faded hair colour 

With the combination of salt from the sea, chlorine from the pool, and the increase in hot sun exposure, it is no secret that hair colour fades quicker in summer. To help protect your hair from losing its colour we recommend the Insight Coloured Hair Protective Shampoo, as it will not only brighten but also enhance your hair colour whilst leaving your hair looking and feeling revitalised. The shampoo’s formula of rich extracts and natural oils will preserve the intensity of the colour and help prevent it from fading. 

Sweaty hair 

As the temperatures finally begin to rise and the hotter months take over, sweaty hair can become a serious issue. To help combat this, we recommend the Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dry Shampoo Refresh Dust which will give your hair enhanced body and volume, all whilst getting rid of that sweaty look that can sometimes get the best of us in the hotter months. The super lightweight formula freshens and rejuvenates the hair, giving your hair a whole new look. 

Sun damage 

Harmful rays can cause significant sun damage to your hair, leaving it weaker and less healthy. The Amargan Nourishing Cleanser is our recommendation to ensure that your hair is protected in these summer months. This cleanser will expertly condition, detoxify and strengthen hair, reversing any sun damage, whilst the formulation of nutrients, argan oil, and keratin will simultaneously rescue and repair your hair leaving it shinier and more resilient.  

Feel like you’re ready to take on this Summer head-on now? We know you’re ready! 


Our Top Tips to Tame Dry and Frizzy Hair

Our Top Tips to Tame Dry and Frizzy Hair

As we leave summer behind, we enter into that dreaded time of year where the weather just can’t make up its mind. If you already suffer from dry or frizzy hair, stepping out into high humidity and excess moisturise in the air can rapidly turn your sleek locks into a lions mane!

Almost all of us battle frizz, with many of us admitting it’s our biggest hair bugbear. In fact, research by Schwarzkopf Professional has revealed that 1 in 5 women in the UK feel dry and frizzy hair is their main hair woe. Also surprisingly, the study showed that women are now more concerned about keeping their hair sleek and smooth than they are about growing greys.

Don’t get us wrong, frizzy hair is 100% natural and beautiful and there’s no need to ‘tame’ it if you don’t want to. But if it’s caused by dry or damaged hair, or if you want to rock a smoother and sleeker style, it can be a real nuisance.

The first step to taming frizzy dry hair is understanding what frizz is. In short, when your hair gets dried out or is naturally dry, the cuticles on the outer layer of your hair strands rise, allowing moisture to enter the hair strand. When the hair strand plumps, it becomes dry, frizzy and unruly. Some people are more prone to dry and frizzy hair, whereas others are victims of overbrushing, over styling or humidity. Whatever the cause, keep reading for our top tips to help tame dry and frizzy hair for good!

Nourish your hair with hair oils

Hair oils are one of the most hydrating and multi-use products to have in your repertoire. Use it on wet hair from your mid-lengths to ends to protect hair from the heat whilst drying, on dry hair overnight to inject some moisturise whilst sleeping, or at any time during the day to add a little extra shine and smooth flyaways. The Matrix Oil Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus Colour Caring Oil is perfect for protecting coloured hair but the revitalising formula works just as well on all hair types to transform dry, coarse and unruly hair into a softer, shiner and frizz-free locks.  

Invest in a great hair dryer

A great hairdryer can really lay the foundation for smoother hair and can help to smooth frizz from the get-go. Enter the Babyliss Keratin Lustre Dryer. The Lustre Dryers are specially designed to protect your hair from the damaging effects of dryer heat, allowing you to achieve professional salon-style results at home. What’s more, they feature keratin-infused ceramic. The keratin fills in the gaps in your hair strands whilst the ceramic smooths hair to reduce frizz, leaving you with an incredibly silky finish.  

Wash wisely

Many shampoos have high alcohol content or sulphates which can strip the hair of moisture. Instead, look for shampoos with hydrating ingredients such as glycerine, which penetrates your hair strands to hydrate from the inside out, whilst also creating a protective coating over your hair strands. Try Insight Anti Frizz – Hydrating Shampoo, created specifically for frizzy, dry and difficult to manage hair. The soothing properties of the natural extracts reduce frizz and deeply moisturise the hair fibre.

Condition condition condition

Conditioner is your number one weapon when dealing with frizzy dry hair. Be sure to use a rich conditioner, applying from mid-lengths down to the ends, every time you wash your hair. This will help to seal the hair cuticles to prevent humidity from entering into the hair. For a little extra TLC, use a hair mask 2-3 times a week for an extra moisture boost. Our personal favourite has to be The Hair Movement The Miracle Masque which is not only suitable for all hair types but is vegan and cruelty-free and will leave your locks shiny, bouncy and healthy.

Overnight protection

Pick your favourite scrunchie from Invisbobble and use this to gently secure your hair overnight, wrapping it up in a loose bun. The soft satin-like material of the Invisibobble Slim Sprunchie keeps your hair tangle free whilst you’re sleeping and will keep it protected from frizz and broken strands.  

Incorporate some of these top tips into your daily hair care routine and say goodbye to dry frizzy hair and hello to softer and sleeker locks! For more information or more handy hips, get in touch with our friendly team today.