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Create The Look with Steampod 3.0 by L’Oréal Professionnel

What is the Steampod?

The Steampod 3.0 gently smoothes even the most difficult of hair types, allowing you to easily create the hairstyle of your dreams. Not just for straight hair, the Steampod 3.0 is the next generation of versatile hair styling tools! Steampod 3.0 combines the power yet gentleness of steam whatever the hair type to transform your hair. Learn how to use Steampod 3.0, with professional tips for achieving a variety of styles that you will love…

Why Steampod 3.0? 

Steampod 3.0 by L’Oréal Professionnel and Rowenta uses steam where traditional straighteners use heated ceramic plates to force the hair straight. The Steampod 3.0 creates hair that is twice as smooth in half the time* as a regular hair straightener. Plus, if you want to get creative with curls, the new 360° rotating cord makes it easy to get the look they desire. *Instrumental test versus regular straightener.

Steampod 3.0 Features

78% less damage to hair*
*instrumental test VS regular straightener

Discover all the ways you can create straight, curly and wavy hair with Steampod 3.0!

Create the Look

Watch the tutorial for Steampod 3.0 HERE

Create any hairstyle with Steampod 3.0.

Golden rules for how to curl your hair with Steampod 3.0

RULE 1: Start by pinning back the top pieces so that the lower sections are more accessible. Underneath the ear and behind the temple is a good starting point when curling.

RULE 2: When using a Steampod steam styler on your client’s hair, make sure to keep the arrows on the tool always pointing towards the ends of the clients hair when you’re styling.

RULE 3: Before styling you can apply heat protection using Steampod Milk for fine to normal hair types or Smoothing Cream for thick hair types. Once this is applied to your client’s hair, fully blowdry before using Steampod 3.0 to style.

RULE 4: The Steampod Serum can be used on the lengths and ends to give your client’s hairstyle a shiny-looking finish, without weighing their hair down.

Use the new Steampod 3.0 to create your client’s ideal hairstyle: from sleek hair to loose waves!


Effect of Hand Sanitising Gels on Your Skin


“Will using hand sanitisers ruin my skin?” – that is the question we all asked ourselves at least once since COVID-19 became a serious issue. Today we will try to answer this question. What is the best way to protect yourself against coronavirus while keeping your skin healthy?

Sara Waterman, who is an aesthetician, believes that over time excessively washing hands and using hand sanitisers will deplete the skin’s natural protective barrier. This can then leave hands feeling dry and sore. However, Sara also thinks in times when the excessive risk of infection is present, dry chapped hands are a “better” choice.

The main thing all skin experts agree on is that after washing your hands, whether it be with hand sanitiser or with soap water – it is important to keep skin moisturised. Try switching to a nourishing hand cleansing gel that contains shea butter and is gentler to your skin. NEQI hand cleansing gels will not only kill the bacteria but also protect your hands from becoming overly dry and chapped. It contains 60% alcohol which allows it to kill 99.9% of bacteria. And thanks to the aloe vera and shea butter it take cares of your skin too. It’s also Vegan!

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So, hand sanitisers will not ruin your skin if used properly. NHS states that “while excessive use of hand sanitisers could lead to some drying effects, it is unlikely to negatively impact most people using the gels as a temporary antiseptic”. It is important to use antibacterial gels where water and soap are not available – a handbag option is a must!