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Create The Look with Steampod 3.0 by L’Oréal Professionnel

What is the Steampod?

The Steampod 3.0 gently smoothes even the most difficult of hair types, allowing you to easily create the hairstyle of your dreams. Not just for straight hair, the Steampod 3.0 is the next generation of versatile hair styling tools! Steampod 3.0 combines the power yet gentleness of steam whatever the hair type to transform your hair. Learn how to use Steampod 3.0, with professional tips for achieving a variety of styles that you will love…

Why Steampod 3.0? 

Steampod 3.0 by L’Oréal Professionnel and Rowenta uses steam where traditional straighteners use heated ceramic plates to force the hair straight. The Steampod 3.0 creates hair that is twice as smooth in half the time* as a regular hair straightener. Plus, if you want to get creative with curls, the new 360° rotating cord makes it easy to get the look they desire. *Instrumental test versus regular straightener.

Steampod 3.0 Features

78% less damage to hair*
*instrumental test VS regular straightener

Discover all the ways you can create straight, curly and wavy hair with Steampod 3.0!

Create the Look

Watch the tutorial for Steampod 3.0 HERE

Create any hairstyle with Steampod 3.0.

Golden rules for how to curl your hair with Steampod 3.0

RULE 1: Start by pinning back the top pieces so that the lower sections are more accessible. Underneath the ear and behind the temple is a good starting point when curling.

RULE 2: When using a Steampod steam styler on your client’s hair, make sure to keep the arrows on the tool always pointing towards the ends of the clients hair when you’re styling.

RULE 3: Before styling you can apply heat protection using Steampod Milk for fine to normal hair types or Smoothing Cream for thick hair types. Once this is applied to your client’s hair, fully blowdry before using Steampod 3.0 to style.

RULE 4: The Steampod Serum can be used on the lengths and ends to give your client’s hairstyle a shiny-looking finish, without weighing their hair down.

Use the new Steampod 3.0 to create your client’s ideal hairstyle: from sleek hair to loose waves!


Effect of Hand Sanitising Gels on Your Skin

“Will using hand sanitisers ruin my skin?” – that is the question we all asked ourselves at least once since COVID-19 became a serious issue. Today we will try to answer this question. What is the best way to protect yourself against coronavirus while keeping your skin healthy?

Sara Waterman, who is an aesthetician, believes that over time excessively washing hands and using hand sanitisers will deplete the skin’s natural protective barrier. This can then leave hands feeling dry and sore. However, Sara also thinks in times when the excessive risk of infection is present, dry chapped hands are a “better” choice.

The main thing all skin experts agree on is that after washing your hands, whether it be with hand sanitiser or with soap water – it is important to keep skin moisturised. Try switching to a nourishing hand cleansing gel that contains shea butter and is gentler to your skin. NEQI hand cleansing gels will not only kill the bacteria but also protect your hands from becoming overly dry and chapped. It contains 60% alcohol which allows it to kill 99.9% of bacteria. And thanks to the aloe vera and shea butter it take cares of your skin too. It’s also Vegan!

Button to buy NEQI Hand Cleansing Gel

So, hand sanitisers will not ruin your skin if used properly. NHS states that “while excessive use of hand sanitisers could lead to some drying effects, it is unlikely to negatively impact most people using the gels as a temporary antiseptic”. It is important to use antibacterial gels where water and soap are not available – a handbag option is a must!


Why You Should Keep Using Vegan Products After Veganuary

Many people around the world are taking part in Veganuary this year. Veganuary and being vegan isn’t just about reducing the meat that you consume. You also need to be willing to make changes in your lifestyle including only buying vegan products. While many people only do Veganuary for one month, we think that buying vegan products should be something that you try for a lot longer – even if you go back to eating meat.

Find out some of the reasons to continue using vegan products after Veganuary below!


One of the great things about vegan products is that you can be sure that they have not been tested on animals. The last thing you want is for your hair products to be made in a way that harms animals if you are living a vegan lifestyle. If cruelty-free products are something you are interested in, then choosing vegan products in the future makes it easier! Some products that aren’t vegan will be cruelty-free as well so this is something to consider if you can’t commit to being a vegan year-round.

Fewer Chemicals

When we choose hair or beauty products, we don’t want to have to deal with any harsh chemicals. Usually, you’ll find that vegan products are free from harsh chemicals and can be quite gentle on the skin. This is because they are more natural. While this isn’t guaranteed, you will find that most of our vegan products are good for you!

Your Skin Can Be Softer

Vegan products are usually loaded up with Vitamins B and E which you don’t always get in other products. These vitamins can help to keep your hair and skin softer for longer! Check out if your favourite vegan products include these in the ingredients and you can benefit from this. Imagine how great it would be to have soft skin for the entire 2020!

Natural Ingredients

When you continue to use vegan products for your hair or skin after Veganuary, you will find that you are using much more natural ingredients on your skin. Some of the common ingredients in vegan products include chamomile and tea tree. These are great for clearing up acne and helping to look after your skin generally.

Try Our Vegan Products

If you are nearly finished with Veganuary then it might be time to start thinking about becoming a full-time vegan. This lifestyle can be hard to adjust to at first but it can be very rewarding. If you are thinking about extending Veganuary for a few more months, make sure to check out our range of vegan products here at Salon Trusted!


The Must-Have Travel Beauty Products For Your Winter Getaway

Everyone loves a winter getaway – it’s the perfect chance to get some winter sun or even have a ski trip! Of course, when you are travelling, you need to make sure that you are looking after your hair and your face. The sudden change in temperature can cause problems and no one wants that when they are snapping their holiday photos. Without the right travel beauty products, you could be lost!

To help you out, we thought we’d look at some of the must-have travel products for your winter getaway. Keep reading to find out if your favourite product made our list!

Amargan Hair Therapy Oil

Worried that you are going to experience some dry hair on your getaway? The first thing that you will want to pack in your suitcase is this Amargan Hair Therapy Oil. This product helps to thicken your hair and protect it from any kind of damage. Avoid frizz and bring this with you on your next winter getaway!

Colour Wow Pop + Lock

When you are on your winter getaway, you will want to make sure that your hair is styled perfectly all the time! This way, you’ll always be ready for that photo shoot to make all of your friends at home jealous! Next on our list of travel beauty products that you must have is the Colour Wow Pop + Lock. This gloss treatment will help you to style your hair and leave it looking shiny!

Claw Culture Mini LED Lamp

The Claw Culture Mini LED Lamp is the perfect accessory that you must have on your next winter getaway. This lamp is portable and great for those who need to look after their nails. You can cure all kinds of nail gels with this lamp on the go. Available in pink and white, you can pick up this product right here at Salon Trusted.

Men-U Healthy Facial Wash Tube

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a facial cleanser – this time one for the men! The Men-U Healthy Facial Wash Tube is great for before and after shaving and is a must-have travel beauty product. It is really important that you look after your skin when travelling so make sure to pick a tube of this up!

Pack Your Products

All of the must-have travel beauty products on our list can be purchased right here at Salon Trusted. You can check out our travel-sized section to find the perfect products for your winter getaway. We hope you have a great trip!


Top Tips For Buying Christmas Gifts For Vegans

When you have a vegan friend, it can be very hard to find them a gift that is going to be suited to their lifestyle choices. Everyday, more people are becoming vegan which is a really positive thing so it is likely that you’ll already be on the hunt for some Christmas gifts for vegans. The last thing you want is to buy them something that they cannot use so it is best to be a little overcautious.

To help you with this, we have put together some of our top tips for buying Christmas gifts for vegans. Keep reading to find out what we have to say.

Consider Their Likes

When you are on the hunt for Christmas gifts for vegans, you need to remember to think about what they like and what they don’t. It can be tempting to buy something for your friend or family member just because it has ‘vegan’ on the box but this doesn’t mean that they’ll enjoy using it! Try to write a list of the things that they enjoy or enjoyed before they went vegan. A quick search online should help you find some suitable alternatives that are vegan-friendly!

Look For Cruelty-Free Products

Many people are unsure what being a vegan actually entails so you’ll find that it can be easy to make mistakes. One of the important things that you should look out for when buying Christmas gifts for vegans is the ‘cruelty-free’ logo. This looks just like a rabbit with a heart and you’ve probably spotted it online or on products before. While not all cruelty-free products are also vegan, you’ll still want to only buy products that have this symbol for your friend.

Avoid Food

Another tip that we have for you this Christmas is to avoid buying food of any kind for your vegan friend. Simple traditional Christmas gifts like chocolate are not considered vegan due to the milk inside of them and so this can make things a little harder. If you are unsure about what kind of food your friend can eat, it is best to avoid chocolate and get them a nice beauty product that is definitely vegan-friendly.

Shop At Salon Trusted

Christmas is just around the corner and luckily, at Salon Trusted, we have plenty of vegan products that make perfect Christmas gifts. Whether you want to buy your loved one a Foamie Aloe You Vera Much Shower Sponge or a pot of Cuccio Icon Glitter Dust, we have something for you.

Make sure to take a look around our site and see if you can find the perfect Christmas gift for your vegan loved one!


How To Get The Ultimate Party Hair This Festive Season

The festive season is here and we can’t wait to hit up all of the best parties! Getting the right look for a party can be tricky, especially when you don’t know much about party hair. Should you wear your hair up? Would it be better to have it flowing over your shoulders? There are so many decisions to make!

Don’t worry because we have put together a guide to help you get the ultimate party hair this season here in this blog. Keep reading to hear some of our tips and tricks.

Vintage Curls

Hollywood is in right now and this is why you should think about creating some old-school vintage curls for your upcoming party. This look is really sophisticated and it is something which many celebs are going for this season. To create this look, you’ll only need a few products and a curling wand. To really bring the look into the festive season, you can add a sparkly hair grip to pull back your fringe. This is one look that is going to impress.

Braided Updo

Another fabulous party hair style that you will love this festive season is the braided updo. Celebrities like Margot Robbie are known for bringing this look to life and it isn’t too difficult to do either! You can find plenty of guides online that will help you to braid your hair and make it look great for your upcoming party. If your dress is backless then this hairstyle will show it off really well!

Half-Up High Ponytail

The Ariana Grande inspired high pony is a look that we have been loving this year but how can we make it into party hair? We are taking inspiration from Jennifer Lopez who walked the red carpet with a half-up, half-down high ponytail and looked great doing it. For this look, you will just need some hair ties and a curling wand for the ends of your hair!

Volumized Low Ponytail

If a high ponytail is not your thing then don’t worry because there is another great way to make this look work! Our favourite party hair look for this festive season is the volumized low ponytail that celebs like Eva Longoria are known for rocking when they are all dressed up. Your ponytail will look great once you’d added some volumizing products and wrapped some strands around your hair tie.

Get The Look

If you are thinking about creating any of these party hair looks this festive season then you’ll need to make sure you have the right products. You can find plenty of volumizing products and curling wands on our site that can help you bring your party hair to life. Take a look around and see what you can find!


How To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

Getting your hair done at your local salon can be a great feeling. Of course, the colour doesn’t always last as long as you might hope and this can be disappointing. No one wants to spend a lot of money to then have to get their hair done again so soon. Your hairdresser might recommend some products to use – but do you actually ever get around to buying them?

To help you tackle this, we thought we’d put together some tips to help you make your hair colour last longer! Keep reading to hear what we have to say.

Avoid Hot Showers

While we all love having a hot shower, especially in the winter, too many of them can cause your hair colour to fade. This happens when the cuticles open with the hot temperature and your colour fades. You don’t need to avoid all hot showers but maybe turn the temperature down from time to time and this could help your hair colour last longer.

Let Your Hair Breathe

Another great way to make your hair colour last longer is to let your hair breathe. It can be tempting to use your favourite styling wand or your straighteners on your hair right away but this something you should avoid. The heat can lead to the colour fading and this is the last thing that you want. Go natural for a week and then you can get back to styling your hair the way you want.

When You Jet Off

We all love a holiday in the sun but did you know that this can also lead to your colour fading quicker? The sun and the chlorine in the pool will cause your hair to fade and this is less than ideal. The good news is that you can protect your hair, in this case, using an SPF designed for hair. Don’t forget to pack it! You can also try to wear a hat which can protect your hair from the sun when you are away.

Try Professional Products

If you struggle to make your hair colour last longer, you might benefit from using some professional products. Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the best products for maintaining your hair colour. With these products and others that are similar, you can fight oxidation on your bold coloured hair!

At Salon Trusted, we have plenty of products that you can use to keep your hair colour vivid. Make sure to take a look around our site and follow our tips and tricks.


Why You Should Consider Buying Professional Hair Products

These days, high street stores are full of shampoos, conditioners and other hair products. It can be easy to pick up a bottle of shampoo when you are doing your weekly shop but are these products good for your hair?

Professional hair products can be bought in special retailers and they can come with many benefits. Find out some of the reasons why you should consider buying professional hair products below.

The Value

While you might be put off by expensive professional hair products, it is important to consider the value of the product. A quick conversation with your hairdresser will reveal that salon quality products are often highly concentrated and so you are getting more for your money. This can often depend on the product you are buying so it doesn’t hurt to check!

Protecting Your Hair

So, you’ve just had your hair done professionally in your favourite salon and you love the colour – but how long is this going to last? With professional hair products, you can make sure that you are choosing colour-safe shampoos in order to prolong the colour. You might even be able to pick up some extra products that will make your hair shine for longer!

The Performance

While it might not be immediately obvious, you will find that salon quality products will often out-perform products that you’ll get at your local grocery store. We’re sure you will want your hair to shine and look great so why not try professional hair products? It might take a bit of trial and error but you should be able to find a shampoo and a conditioner that makes your hair look and feel great.

Supporting Your Salon

When you buy a professional hair product at your local salon, you are helping them to make an extra profit. While some people believe that this is the sole reason that hairdressers will recommend a product, you’ll usually find that your hairdresser just wants your hair to look great! The products that they are recommending are high quality and they could really make a difference to your hair!

If you want to pick up some salon quality products for your hair but don’t want to buy them right away, why not check out our range of products? At Salon Trusted, we provide you with excellent products and you can support your local salon at the same time! Take a look at our range and don’t forget to ask your salon for their code.