Our Guide to the Clean Beauty Movement

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Our Guide to the Clean Beauty Movement

Clean beauty is a growing trend in the beauty industry that is predicted to be a major movement through 2022. However, the overall term is still somewhat murky because there is no industry standard for the category and so, there is room for interpretation. Here at Salon Trusted, we understand the main trait of clean beauty is that it is toxin-free; meaning there are no ingredients included that have been linked to harmful health effects.

With a growing interest in beauty that is natural and obtained from organic sources, more and more brands are producing beauty products which are cleaner for the skin, body and environment. Keep an eye out for labels that say ‘paraben, sulphate, and silicone’ free, as these are considered the three biggest toxins in beauty products today.

If you want to free yourself from toxins and chemical nasties, and introduce more eco-friendly beauty products into your life, take a look at our top 5 clean beauty products listed below.

He-Shi Rapid Edit Gift Box

This limited edition pack from He-Shi has everything you need to achieve a flawless tan in just 60 minutes. Thanks to the advanced time development accelerators, use the Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan to achieve a quick gorgeous glow, leave it on for 2-3 hours for a medium tan or even overnight for 8 hours to wake up with a deep bronzed look. This means you can tailor the colour of your tan depending on your personal preference, or the occasion! The pack also contains a travel size Face & Body Tanning Gel and Rapid 1 Hour Mousse, as well as a tanning mitt, all of which you can currently get your hands on for nearly half price at just £25.00. Every item in the gift box is paraben, alcohol, sulphate, palm oil and mineral oil free. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also vegan friendly, cruelty free and fully recyclable. What’re you waiting for?

Infuse My Colour Platinum Gift Bundle 2021

A favourite here at Salon Trusted HQ, Infuse My Colour is a range of professional colour enhancing products, that work to your individual hair colour to maintain, enhance, refresh, balance or treat your locks. Your faded colour no longer has to rely on harsh chemicals as this vegan and cruelty-free range has zero nasty chemicals, with no parabens, no silicones and no sulphates! There’s a whole range of colours to choose from like quartz, graphite, ruby or even platinum; perfect for maintaining the brightness of grey, white, pale blonde and highlighted hair.

Foamie Face Bar For All Skin Types Rose Oil and Vitamin B3

Foamie are on a mission to ‘Think Outside the Bottle’ with plant friendly solutions that smell incredible and leave a lasting effect on your skin and hair. What’s more, their products are free from toxins and chemical nasties. Their iconic ‘syndet’ is the base for a whole range of low-cost products from shampoo, conditioners, exfoliating shower bars and now their brand new face bars! The Rose Oil and Vitamin B3 face bar acts as a gentle cleanser, suitable for all skin types, that’ll give you the radiantly fresh look we’re all craving. It’s soap free, toxin free and is even pH optimised for an even gentler cleanse.

Biolage Keratindose Trio Pack

Many shampoos and conditioners contain sulphates that over-cleanse and dry out your scalp. By sticking to sulfate-free formulas, this will help to keep greasiness to a minimum and will cleanse your strands without stripping your scalp or hair of the oils that are needed for strong, healthy locks. All of the Biolage, by Matrix, shampoo and conditioners are sulfate-free to lock in hydration and moisture whilst leaving a refreshed and smooth finish. Our favourite? The Biolage Keratindose Pack, created with pro-keratin and silk to provide targeted reinforcement and moisture balance to over-processed hair. Regular use of the shampoo, conditioner and deep treatment will help to restore moisture and leave your hair up to 90% more nourished! Each of the 3 products in this value pack are sulphate free, p and silicone-free so be sure to snap this bundle up before it sells out!

Color Wow One Minute Transformation Cream 120ml

The experts at Colour Wow have created this anti-frizz cream to repair, nourish, protect, hydrate and style your hair. It really is a one-stop-shop! This cream can be used on dry hair, for any and all hair types, by simply applying a small amount through the ends, to leave your hair soft and silky without it feeling weighed down. Once applied, this sulphate and paraben free cream will continue to fight the frizz all day long.

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