The Top 5 Hair Styling Tools Every Beauty Lover Should Have

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The Top 5 Hair Styling Tools Every Beauty Lover Should Have

Achieving a fresh ‘out-of-the-salon’ look for those of us who can only just manage to hold a brush and a hairdryer at the same time is no easy feat. However, as the saying goes ‘a man is only as good as his tools and so arming yourself with the right equipment is the first step towards achieving hairstyling success.

It’s an unspoken truth that whatever hair type you have whether that be curly, straight, or somewhere in between, it’s likely that you’ve spent countless hours over the years styling your hair the complete opposite way. Your desired hairstyle can change depending on your mood or the occasion; sometimes you want poker-straight hair, whilst on other occasions, beachy waves add the right amount of perfection to your look. Then there are times when you feel like sporting luscious bouncy curls. For each of these hairstyles, you need different styling tools.

With a range of new technologies to choose from and the fact that our hair is so individual, it can be tricky to know which haircare device is right for you. So, if you are a little confused about hair styling tools, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up our top picks of the best hair styling tools to help you achieve a professional-looking finish at home.

L’oreal SteamPod 3.0 Straightening Tool

Best for: Versatile styling

Transforming the way you style your hair, these steam-powered straighteners style your hair 2x faster, creating up to 2x smoother results. Simply fill up the water tank with filtered water. Using a continuous flow of high-pressure steam to hydrate each strand from the inside out without causing heat damage, the SteamPod features double technology plates with high resistant anodised coating and a new rotative cord for hassle-free waves meaning no matter the style you choose, you’ll be left with smooth, soft, and natural-looking shiny hair.

Babyliss Keratin Lustre Straightener in Pink Blush

Best for: Smooth straightening

A sleek and straight hairstyle is a classic look for any hair novice out there, with the promise that you can’t go far wrong with a good pair of straighteners and some argan oil to add a touch of shine to the finished result. The Babyliss Keratin Lustre Straighteners are the perfect combination of style and functionality (and also come in colours Black Shimmer, Rose Gold and Lilac Mist). The keratin-infused ceramic plates promise fast results whilst ensuring that your hair is protected from damage, leaving even the thickest or coarse hair silky smooth with mirror-like shine. There’s currently a 1/3 off the Babyliss Keratin Lustre Straightener range, so snap one of these up quickly whilst you still can!

Diva Beach Glamoriser Motor Waving Wand

Best for: Long lasting curls

Beachy waves have always been at the top of the hair lust list, but mermaid style waves have recently become hugely popular and are clearly here to stay. This universally flattering style adds both texture and volume to even the flattest of locks and creates a tousled and texture look in the days following, without needing to restyle or apply anymore heat to your hair. The Diva Beach Glamoriser Motor Waving Wand is the perfect tool to create the free-spirited look and is currently reduced from £79.99 down to £49.99 – what a bargain! This electrical styling tool features 14 different heat settings that can be set to suit your volume and style preferences and suits all hair types and lengths. Even those with natural curls, as the wand will tame any existing frizz to create smoother, sleeker waves.

Babyliss Pro Ionic Airstyler 50mm

Best for: Achieving a salon-worthy blow-dry at home

If you spend your life battling fine and flat hair, having the right tools in your arsenal to boost your hair is all you need to take your look to the next volumized level. The Babyliss Pro Iconic Airstyler is a powerful hot styling brush that shapes, styles and builds volume in all hair types. The combination of the powerful 800w motor and conditioning system will transform your hair from freshly washed to a salon-worthy bouncy blow-dry, whilst the ceramic coating on the brush leaves a smooth and frizz-free finish. It also comes in a 34mm barrel, for those who are looking for slightly tighter curls.

Babyliss Spectrum Hairdryer White Frost

Best for: Shaving time off your morning routine

A lightweight hairdryer that significantly reduces drying time? Yes, please. When it comes to hair drying, we’re always looking for ways we can stay in bed just that little bit longer in the morning, as well as spend less time with heat directly applied to our hair. The Babyliss Spectrum Hairdryer, which also comes in Pink Shimmer and Purple Mist, all currently reduced from £45.00 down to just £36.00, offers fast, high-speed drying as it’s powered by a strong 2100W motor with a longer shell life. The ergonomic balanced design ensures easy and comfortable handling whilst the advanced ionic conditioner creates visibly smoother and more manageable results!

We offer Free Delivery on all orders over £20 so you can get your hands on all of our favourite styling tools for an even better price! Our final top tip for using any of the hair styling tools we’ve mentioned above (plus we have a whole host of styling tools to check out here) is to make sure to use a heat protectant spray or serum to add that extra level of protection to your locks.

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