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  • Biolage Scalpsync Aminexil 10X6ml

Biolage Scalpsync Aminexil 10X6ml

by Matrix

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Biolage Scalpsync Aminexil 10X6ml


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Product Description

Just as your skin acts up when it is not cleaned, your tresses feel the same. Give your hair the special attention and treatment it deserves. With Biolage Scalpsync Aminexil by Matrix, you can benefit from the essential hair care you need to strengthen up your hair, making it thick and beguiling like never before. The frequent use of this anti-hair fall ampoule will make you feel the difference in your hair density and texture.

A Way to Healthy Scalp—Boost Hair Growth and Say Goodbye to Hair Damage

This exclusive hair care tonic is formulated using mint leaf properties that help your hair roots fight dandruff and the excess oil your scalp builds up. The antibacterial and soothing activators in this break-through formula fight several causes of hair fall and anchor your hair strands to be dense and thick once again.  

A Clinically Tested Solution—Reducing Hair Fall in Just 6 Weeks

Scalpsync Aminexil is the perfect therapeutic hair treatment to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. Stimulating the scalp and providing a healthy, balanced atmosphere, this hair grooming tonic works to enhance your hair life and make it strong from roots. The Scalpsync Aminexil solution is clinically proven to reduce hair fall in just 6 weeks. This Scalpsync formula keeps your hair follicles clean and restores a correct pH level without suffocating your scalp by leaving a thick residue behind.

Product Features

  • Fights dandruff
  • Cleanses excess oil build up from scalp
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevent hair fall

How To Use

The ScalpSync Aminexil comes in a pack of 10 ampules each with 6 ml of solution. Apply one ampule to dry or shampooed, towel dried hair. Use the applicator tip to apply the hair care tonic evenly to the roots. Massage it gently all over the scalp! Do not rinse and style it as you wish to.

Product Ingredients


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