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Barbicide, a trusted name in professional disinfection, provides barber and cosmetology services with unparalleled solutions for tool sanitisation. Though it's not meant for direct application on skin or hair, it ensures your grooming tools, such as combs and shears, remain pristine and hygienic. One such commendable product offered at SalonTrusted is the Bacticide 70 Percent Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 400ml. A robust antibacterial gel, it contains 70% alcohol and boasts of killing 99.99% of bacteria. This formidable hand sanitiser ensures your hands remain as sterile as your tools, providing a safer environment for you and your clients. In a professional setting where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, Barbicide provides peace of mind with its high-quality, effective products. Secure your salon with Barbicide and create a clean, safe space for your craft.