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  • Arconic Curved Paddle Brush
  • Arconic Curved Paddle Brush


by John Gillespie

RRP: £17.95 / Salon Trusted Price: £14.50

Party Hair season has arrived and we have selected our favourite products to help you achieve the ultimate party look at home. Whether you prefer a bouncy blowdry, smooth & shine or like to define your style. We’ve got your back at Salon Trusted.

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Product Description

Arconic Curved Paddle Brush 

Designed by hairdressing legend and Scottish Hairdresser of the Year finalist, John Gillespie, for medium-to-long hair styles, the ARCONIC is an essential new tool to help hairdressers enhance finished styles and offer clients the opportunity to create professional in-salon looks at home.

Whether you have those luscious, thick hair that everyone dreams about or are finding it hard to manage thick, largely straight hair, you need a regular hair brushing regimen. However, all hair brushes are not created equal. For hair that grows quickly and needs daily management to ensure it can be styled better, Curved Paddle brush by Arconic is perhaps the best choice. The Arconic brush works wonderfully for detangling hair, also handling frizzy hair to some extent. Perfect for combing thick tresses, this paddle brush by Arconic is a must-have in any hair care kit. Designed by John Gillespie, a legendary Scottish hairdresser, the curved paddle brush is the perfect choice for getting an in-salon look at home.

Reduce Styling Time with Rectangular Paddle Brush

Designed to help you style hair quickly, the Arconic paddle brush prevents arm straining with its ergonomic handle and offers a smooth brushing action. The static-inducing material of this curved styling brush ensures you get smoother, untangled hair even if you have hair with wavy or curly patterns. The paddled brush can be used any time of the day and is easy to pack in your travel gear. Larger surface area of the primarily flat styling brush allows effortless hair brushing. This spa-inspired hair brush is the first choice of hair styling professionals. A common application of this rectangular brush is to manage the fringes. You can try the alternate brushing action while using a blow dryer on low-heat settings to achieve better results with the Arconic hair styling brush.

Ergonomic Handle Designed for Greater Control

This popular Arconic hair brush is the combination of a flat paddle and a curved base. You get the easiest-to-grip brush that moves effortlessly. This reduces the number of hair brushing strokes, further reducing changes of hair pulling or hair breakage. This is very handy for people who are currently managing a scalp issue where the skin can be very sensitive or those with some type of hair fall/thinning. Here, you get the best results with minimal brushing. The curved hair brush is highly recommended for managing medium to long hair. Regular brushing along with a hair cleansing and nourishing regimen is also the best way to achieve the voluminous look. Made from 100% glass-filled nylon, this black Arconic brush is rather durable and ensures that the hair ends don’t hang flat.

Product Features

  • Curved paddle brush
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Larger surface area of the primarily flat styling brush allows effortless hair brushing

How To Use

Take a thick strand of your hair and gently brush with curved paddle styling brush. Repeat this with the rest of your tassels and detangle your hair. Do not rub harshly over the scalp as it can stress your hair follicles and cause breakage.



100% glass-filled nylon

Feefo Review says: Excellent quality brush works well for long thick hair

Feefo Review says: This is an excellent product!

Feefo Review says: Excellent hairbrush. Good design and high quality. I’d recommend it for all hair types

Feefo Review says: I was happy…. I had ordered the hairbrush for £14.50, thinking it was a good price until it arrived and the price tag on it said £9.54!! Next time please remove the previous tag

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